Is Ricky Gervais Jesus?

In Derek, Ricky Gervais re-preaches the Sermon on the Mount. If Jesus pitched a show to Netflix it would be Derek - Ricky Gervais’s character piece set in a struggling British old people’s home. Gervais created the stunning The Office series for the BBC– and the mockumentary form that he perfected there is how he brings Derek to vibrant life.(Kerry Godliman as "Hannah" with Ricky Gervais as "Derek.") If you watch this Netflix show and are waiting for the ironic underbelly of cynicism to … [Read more...]

The Night I Met Jesus: A (True) Christmas Story

Sometimes our learning curve is forced on us, if not by God then by God's angels say, by Mr. and Mrs. Parke. Being sent to Great Walstead School in 1962 (a boarding school for boys in Lindfield, Sussex, England) when I was ten was one such experience.Mr. Parke was the headmaster, and Mrs. Parke was both a teacher and his eagle-eyed helpmeet. She (like her husband) gave "her" boys opportunities that I came to fully appreciate only years later.In my book Patience With God: Faith for People … [Read more...]