Irish Bono Believes in the American Dream More than Trump Does: “What do you have to lose?” WATCH

(Photo YouTube) This is not the first time Bono had something to say about foreign politics. (See the video below.) What's an Irish man doing telling Americans how to vote? Answer: He's answering the crazed British racist who came over here to campaign for Trump's white supremacists when Trump appeared alongside Nigel Farage, of the U.K. Independence Party, who helped lead the Leave campaign in the recent Brexit referendum on whether Britain should stay in the European Union. On Twitter, … [Read more...]

Do Evangelical’s hopes for new conservative Golden Age make their genuflection before the Trump idol worthwhile? (Catholics say NO!)

"Evangelicals appear to be willing to overlook anything about Trump—the avarice; the divisive, cruel rhetoric; the affairs and divorces—in service of getting a candidate in the White House who has promised to appoint someone to the Supreme Court, “as close to Scalia as I could find.” This, presumably, would unleash some new conservative Golden Age and make genuflection before the Trump idol worthwhile."So writes Patricia Miller in Religion Dispatches ("It’s Not Me, It’s You: Catholic Values D … [Read more...]

an open letter to millennials about this election from an old guy who actually likes you

 You are a betrayed generation. Frivolous divorce rocked your world as too many parents gave up on themselves and you. Your family may have been stable but too many weren't. Too many people were deprived of happiness found in unconditional love. Instead of education that deepens the soul you were herded into crap schools that are designed to turn out workers for corporations not complete people and open doors. You've been lied to. Life is not about career success but the embrace of just … [Read more...]

An Open Letter from Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, the Imperial Wizard of the Rebel Brigade Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and Jerry Falwell Jr on Why They Support Trump (Okay, Just kidding it’s really a “revised” version of Senator Susan Collins denouncing Trump)

Pictured Below: 6 (actual) Leading Republican Party Leaders(photos of 6 Republican Party leaders shown above courtesy of Wikipedia and YouTube) In a sit-down interview with a Richmond news station, (as reported by TPM) the Imperial Wizard of the Rebel Brigade Knights of the Ku Klux Klan said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is his candidate for President. Meanwhile, Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, announced Monday that she would not vote for Donald J. Trump. She … [Read more...]

Just How Stupid Will the Evangelical Leaders Who Back TRUMP Look to Their Supporters now that 50 REPUBLICAN National Security Officials Eviscerate Trump In Open Letter?

 Below is one of Jerry Falwell's Tweets along with the picture he Tweeted:J L Falwell ‏@JerryJrFalwellHonored to introduce @realDonaldTrump at religious leader summit in NYC today! He did incredible job! @beckifalwellIn my novel And God Said, "Billy!" I depict a delusional fool who thinks he hears God talking to him. But my idiot "Billy" isn't as dumb as Jerry Falwell Jr. When Falwell Jr. Tweeted this picture of himself, he later wished he'd gotten his wife to … [Read more...]

DO NOT MISS THIS: Watch Hillary Clinton Endure 40 Years Of Sexism In Under 3 Minutes

(photo“You’re really not all that interested in state dinners and teas and garden parties?” a twerp male interviewer asked Hillary Clinton in 1979...Today: more of the same. The "trust" issue is still a put down of an "uppity" female and really all about Hillary behaving too much like a man... in other words-- SHE'S STRONG, opinionated, tough, like a president in fact. She cares less about "likability" and more about ideas.In other words Hillary is ready to govern … [Read more...]

Trump is going to lose the election. And Trump will make us pay. (HINT: It’s Trump’s Version of Hitler’s “scorched earth” Policy) Here’s How to Stop Him Taking Revenge on America

Tell a large group of not-terribly-bright heavily armed angry white men (prone to belief in alternative “information” and conspiracy theories) that the election of their candidate is being stolen by a rigged system… and what could possibly go wrong? Put it this way: if violence against women increases in domestic abuse cases around the loss of a favorite NFL team- just imagine the day after Trump loses.As an article on domestic abuse noted in Time: In a comprehensive survey of domestic viole … [Read more...]

TRUMP MUST BE STOPPED–WATCH this shocking raw, unfiltered 3 min video of Trump supporters’ anti-American un-American “beliefs”

(photo YouTube)After a year of covering the hate rallies of  Trump, The New York Times just released a raw, unfiltered glimpse of the beliefs of Trump's supporters. They are just what you'd expect given who their leader is. Still this is shocking. Back in the day when I was in the religious right I was at Reagan meetings and rallies. How shocked he'd have been if anything like this happened at his rallies. Truly the GOP is now a profoundly and proudly ignorant  anti-American fascist party run … [Read more...]