Trump and Paula White (and Franklin Graham) Together At Last! Set to Exchange SeedFaithBlessing-n’-OtherStuff (She’ll Pray at His Inaug)

(Photo YouTube)Looks like the Rockettes’ producer has had a change of heart and dancers don’t have to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration after all. The long-legged dancers have moral qualms. Not so televangelist Paula White. She's all over it. God sent Trump she says. Besides they have a perfect understanding: they both are on third marriages and have private jets.White, the televangelist who will pray at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, has a scandal-filled past as bottom … [Read more...]

“BIBLE TRUMPERS”: Do Not Miss Bill Maher praising Donald Trump for “the one good thing he did” — exposing evangelicals, as “the shameless hypocrites they’ve always been” WATCH

(Photo YouTube) WATCH Bill Maher praise Donald Trump for “the one good thing he did” in this presidential election — exposing evangelicals, as “the shameless hypocrites they’ve always been.” ``` “I don’t know if you noticed but Republicans didn’t get to play the ‘Jesus card’ this time around,” said Maher. “It’s hard to bring up the Ten Commandments when your candidate has spent most his life breaking all of them.” ```“He is the world’s least Godly man,” quipped Maher. “Jesus saw the goo … [Read more...]

an open letter to millennials about this election from an old guy who actually likes you

 You are a betrayed generation. Frivolous divorce rocked your world as too many parents gave up on themselves and you. Your family may have been stable but too many weren't. Too many people were deprived of happiness found in unconditional love. Instead of education that deepens the soul you were herded into crap schools that are designed to turn out workers for corporations not complete people and open doors. You've been lied to. Life is not about career success but the embrace of just … [Read more...]

Evangelical Marriages Fail At Much Higher Rates Than Atheist’s Marriages

Surprise! Atheist marriages last longer than Christian ones. Yet conservative Christians see themselves as the last defenders of traditional marriage. Yet many don't quite live up to the ideal. To understand why evangelical marriages fail read my latest book -- And God Said, "Billy!"exploring the roots of American religious delusion and also this...October 30, 2013  | First published in AlternetBy Valerie TaricoConservative Christians think of themselves as the last … [Read more...]