Trump’s “Tax Plan” is A Saudi-Style Family Heist by the Most Corrupt Ruling Clan in the World

In his first 100 days Trump has failed at everything but one initiative: he's been very successful at finding more corrupt ways to make money off the American presidency for his family members and pals than any American president- ever. Trump is corrupt to his core.Trump is following the pattern set by third rate dictators like the late Saddam Husein, and Fidel Castro. Trump's mantra like theirs seems to be: I'm in power to make a buck.“I like nepotism,” Trump told Larry King in 2006, the … [Read more...]

TRUMP: Aging White’s Last Gasp — “End Times” fans signed on for Armageddon then found an alternative reality presidential candidate

(Photo YouTube) #Nostalgia for the lost era of white male boomer control created the Trump candidacy. Now it’s killing it. It is death by the weight of lies colliding with truth. America is going to hell, Trump claimed. The problem is that actually America is in great shape. Deal with it. #Writing in Salon ("Donald Trump Is the Right-wing, Aging White Boomers' Last Gasp: The Future May Look Brighter") David Masciotra notes that: The United States currently has the highest standard o … [Read more...]


(Photos C-Span/YouTube)The fraudulent founders of the prosperity gospel movement -- including Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland and Frederick K.C. Price -- helped lay the groundwork for Trump. Poor white suckers made them rich. And perhaps it is no coincidence that Trump and the granddad of the prosperity gospel -- Oral Roberts -- both founded "universities."That old faker Oral Roberts - the television faith-healer (who in 1987 told his flock that God would call him home if … [Read more...]

an open letter to millennials about this election from an old guy who actually likes you

 You are a betrayed generation. Frivolous divorce rocked your world as too many parents gave up on themselves and you. Your family may have been stable but too many weren't. Too many people were deprived of happiness found in unconditional love. Instead of education that deepens the soul you were herded into crap schools that are designed to turn out workers for corporations not complete people and open doors. You've been lied to. Life is not about career success but the embrace of just … [Read more...]

Race-Based Obama Hate Fox Fantasy-land v. FACTS

As 2014 wraps up it's a good time to compare Race-Based Obama Hate Fox Fantasy-land opinion to the FACTS. Here are quotes from actual articles in the right wing GOP-dreamworld compared to ACTUAL FACTS. (Note to Fox Watchers, Republicans, Tea Party members the Koch brothers etc.,: There are such things as facts. Here's what a fact is: Something that actually exists; reality; truth; something known to exist or to have happened; a truth known by actual experience or observation; something known to b … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz’ Father Is a Rabid Right-Wing Preacher– What More do You Need to Know About the “Why” of the Shutdown?

 U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (center) raises the hand of his right wing preacher father, Rafael Cruz (right). It's no coincidence that in my new book And God Said, “Billy!”  that I have my character "Billy" masturbating while he listens to his godly wife read out loud from a book by the guru of all evangelical Dominionist/Reconstructionists-- Rousas Rushdoony. The evangelical world has been metaphorically jacking off to the Rushdoony/Ted Cruz/Koch brothers' political God- … [Read more...]

America’s White Male Republican Evangelical Magical “Thinking” Racist Problem Is ALL of Our Problem

The American political process is being hijacked by a reckless, whining dangerous gang of psychologically damaged white men who are far right ideologues. I used to be one of them. It's time to tell the truth about our white male problem.NO-- not everyone who disagrees with the president is a racist! Not even most people who do are! But the continuous attempt by the far white right in Congress to shut down the government rather than work with our black president has a lot to do with racism. An … [Read more...]