“schools” ? = child-hating jails run by thug police

Here is more (new) video evidence from the front lines of our police state.... Choking and slamming a child to the floor for USING HER CELL PHONE !!! is what comes of turning schools from places run by educators who are trained to handle children into child-hating jails run by thug police. Sometimes America just plain sucks.As noted by the New York Times  (oct 27, 15)The “zero tolerance” disciplinary rules that turned many public schools into police states beginning in the 1990s have ta … [Read more...]

If there were no “holy books” how much easier it would be to believe in God!

(The "Last Judgement" by Michelangelo, Courtesy the Vatican archive)If there were no “holy books” how much easier it would be to believe in God! An oral tradition and a rich liturgical expression of divinity lovingly shared in a faith community are much more convincing than words on a page. The images I see from the Hubble telescope do more to suggest a loving creative God besotted by beauty than most Bible passages. One hug from my grandchildren Amanda, Ben, Lucy, Jack and Nora teaches me mo … [Read more...]

Who Will Preach the Gospel to the Jesus-Hating Evangelical White Tribe?

 How can the Jesus-deniers like Franklin Graham and the other evangelical leaders be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ? Are they beyond hope? In human terms they are. But all things are possible with God. So perhaps, even the American evangelical Jesus-hating tribe may be saved.Franklin curses Jesus by (according to media reports) taking a $612,884 per year salary* from funds donated to help the poor and spread the gospel.What did Mother Teresa pay herself?Evangelicals … [Read more...]