Does U2’s Bono Support Donald Trump?

Bono is on tour and denouncing Trump. The problem is that Bono unwittingly helped get Trump elected. Bono did this by providing cover for the white evangelicals that are Trump's most reliable base.Bono has for years burnished the image of the far right hate-monger and Trump-booster Franklin Graham, and his hell-preaching fundamentalist father Billy. Bono has also provided photo ops for other white evangelical leaders including Mike Pence and W Bush. These are the people that put Trump in … [Read more...]

The blasphemy of this picture — if you are a believing Christian — is clear. Here’s Trump as the 2nd “Apostle Paul” of white supremacist fascist theocracy

Imam Trump? Is this what we've come to? American Evangelical Sharia Law? Total theocracy? (Photo Facebook/YouTube/Twitter)One hardly needs to comment on the blasphemy of this picture circulating in evangelical online circles... As if Trump is the 2nd Apostle Paul or Prophet Moses. This illustration only demonstrates how enormously dangerous to humanity the Trump Administration really is as it makes common cause with evangelical theocratic anti-freedom fanatics. This image … [Read more...]

The unprecedented rogues’ gallery of billionaires Trump’s trotting out proves he isn’t interested in protecting working people

(Photo YouTube)As the Guardian reports Trump's team is the wealthiest and most cut off from the rest of us-- ever. The administration is now packed with mostly white old male tycoons who will do nothing to fulfill Trump's promise of helping working-class Americans. They are poised to eradicate Medicare, roll back health care into the dark ages and cut the Trump voters adrift. Part of Ryan’s Obamacare repeal plan has long been known to anyone who listened to him and that is the phasing … [Read more...]

No Lives Matter: Will the last gender studies professor welcoming the last gay student to the last safe space college catering to sensitive transgender students learning to write code and dreaming of startups please turn out the lights?

(Photo: Wikipedia)We are facing the most important question in human history and it's not about Jesus, abortion rights, women, Black Lives Matter, Facebook or gay rights. It is about whether organized human life will survive in any recognizable form called civilization. Do you feel your brain shutting down as you read these words? Just keep your brain working a few more seconds. Tell your brain to shut up and read the rest of this.Because we've let our brains mess with us (I'll explain … [Read more...]

Hey Evangelical Voters: Jesus didn’t come back but Trump did. Happy Now?

(Photo, YouTube)Eighty-one percent of white evangelicals voted for chaos. That chaos isn't going to be the result of evil intent but something far worse: incompetence and ignorance married to self-blinding ego on a dizzying scale never before seen at a presidential level.White American evangelicals gave up on Jesus coming back to set all to right… to burn gays forever, put black and brown people in their place, to melt Muslims where they stand, to lift good white people to Heaven in the “ … [Read more...]

Do Not Miss SNL’s Heart-wrenching Opening as Kate McKinnon returns as a Defeated Hillary Clinton With a Leonard Cohen Tribute to His “Hallelujah” on Saturday Night Live

(Photo YouTube) Kate McKinnon returned as Hillary Clinton to give an exquisite tribute rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” on “Saturday Night Live.” And she did it while paying tribute to Cohen who died earlier this week — and using his gorgeous lyrics to reflect the mood of half the nation... and maybe you. WATCH!``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````P.S. If you want to know a little more about where I'm coming from and my perspective on politics, rel … [Read more...]

Watch (20 min) political commentator Noam Chomsky discusses everything you will never hear on the media

 Here's an interview on Latin American media outlet teleSUR, where linguist and political commentator Noam Chomsky  explains that both American political parties have become more right-wing, with the GOP embracing radical extremism and mainstream Democrats occupying territory once held by moderate Republicans. "The Republican party, about twenty years ago, basically abandoned any pretense of being a normal political party," Chomsky noted. "Their only policies are don't do anything or bom … [Read more...]

For Once a Republican (Chris Christie) Tells the Truth About President Obama! (Watch)

Please watch this!Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy … [Read more...]