Trump and Evangelicals: Why So Happy Together?

(Photo YouTube) "Trump didn’t just fall from the sky to become the nominee, he got (by far) the most votes in a contest in which evangelical voters provided a significant portion of voters and an even larger share of activism. Many are loath to admit Trump’s appeal to evangelicals or attribute their support to a 'lesser-of-two-evils' mentality, because, frankly, Trump is an ugly character that make him a less-than-ideal messenger for the cause. But whether they want to admit it or not, eva … [Read more...]

Dear Donald,

 Dear Donald,Please don’t listen to your advisers! Don’t practice for the next debate! Who are they to tell you that you need help? Why should you listen to anyone? They aren’t you so that means they are losers! Only you are a winner! Only you know what’s best! Only you can save America from losers! All of us Americans are losers! Only you are a winner! You know that for certain because we have fallen for your game! That makes us—the media, the pundits, the other so-called politicia … [Read more...]

Never Hillary Logic

(Photo YouTube)  NEVER HILLARY LOGICMillennial logic? We don’t think Hillary is nice so we voted 3rd party and helped elect Hitler Ted Cruz logic? I don’t think Hillary is nice so endorsed Trump and elected Hitler Jill Stein logic? I never studied history so took Hillary’s votes and helped elect Hitler (and he destroyed the planet) Garry Johnson logic? I only studied my brain on drugs so took Hillary’s votes and helped elect Hitler GOP logic? We hate Hillary because… just f … [Read more...]

Do Evangelical’s hopes for new conservative Golden Age make their genuflection before the Trump idol worthwhile? (Catholics say NO!)

"Evangelicals appear to be willing to overlook anything about Trump—the avarice; the divisive, cruel rhetoric; the affairs and divorces—in service of getting a candidate in the White House who has promised to appoint someone to the Supreme Court, “as close to Scalia as I could find.” This, presumably, would unleash some new conservative Golden Age and make genuflection before the Trump idol worthwhile."So writes Patricia Miller in Religion Dispatches ("It’s Not Me, It’s You: Catholic Values D … [Read more...]

My 64 yr Take on the Inner Destruction of Evangelical “Faith” and Politics: WATCH the MOVIE “Let me be FRANK” for FREE NOW HERE TODAY

WATCHFollow Frank on Twitter Frank’s paintings Frank on Facebook Contact Frank at http://www.frankschaeffer.comamazon.comFrank Schaeffer is a writer. His latest book --WHY I AM AN ATHEIST WHO BELIEVES IN GOD: How to give love, create beauty and find peaceAvailable now on AmazonPlease read about my journey through then out of the r … [Read more...]


(Photos YouTube) In the 1970s and 1980s when my dad (Francis Schaeffer) and I helped start the religious right and all out culture war you could have said one thing about "our" people: we prided ourselves on being God-n'-country types. Not any more. Today's evangelicals are voting for a traitor in bed with an anti-American fascist thug aiming nukes at your town. How things changed! So what happened to make American evangelical "patriots" fall in love with a murdering hate-filled thug like … [Read more...]

At Last Idiot Climate Change Deniers “Logic” Explained (A Hilarious 1 Minute Video) WATCH

(Photo Reason Inc.)This "Living With a Climate Skeptic" hilarious 1 minute video  shows what it would be like if someone used climate denier "logic" in everyday life... This would be the insane and darkly funny result. Seventy three percent of evangelicals say they will vote for Trump, and eighty percent say they don't believe in evolution or climate change. They DO however believe in a literal Noah's ark. They'll need it. WATCH!Get more Collective Noun: Podcast: … [Read more...]

Trump Sharpens his Direct Pitch to Christian Nationalists, Reconstructionist Theocrats and and Anti-Gay Activists

(Trump and Jerry Falwell Jr photo meeting with the bishop's council photo reported by Miranda Blue in the indispensable publication Right Wing Watch, Trump has been sharpening his direct pitch to the far right of the far religious right-- in other words to the so-called reconstructionists. After a recent event in Orlando in which he tried to woo Christian nationalists and anti-gay activists, Donald Trump sat down for an interview with Steve St … [Read more...]