What’s The “Conservative” Response Been to the Rash of Fox News-Sexual Predators? Silence.

When I grew up in the evangelical ghetto good manners about all things sexual were the gold standard of both my evangelical upbringing and our ideas about what it meant to be a conservative. The thought that abuse of women, and sexually predatory antics would be defended by conservatives would have been as unthinkable as imagining Russian Communist leaders extoling the virtues of capitalism.Had a 1950s or 1960s version of Bill O’Reilly or Roger Ailes (the former Fox News chairman) manifested … [Read more...]

Once in a While my Friend Rachel Maddow hits One Out of the Park: Want to Know Just How Sick and Sloppy FOX News and the Right Wing Myth Machine Is in Its “Journalism”? WATCH RACHEL DESTROY THEM WITH ONE STORY

(Photo YouTube)I've been on the Rachel Maddow show many times but this show without me is the one to watch... explains a lot about the lies right wing media tell, and just how perverse and real the intersection between racism and the right is, and what made Trump's rise possible...Trump's racism is no aberration but "mainstream" as this show proves in another context. Maddow on Posse Comitatus, "sovereign citizens", Jim Crow, FOX News, Right Wing Media racists filth, the … [Read more...]


This guy did more for actual journalistic investigation on Twitter than any TV network has done so far to expose some hard facts about the Trump lifetime scam. Read this then ask "Where the fuck are the 'real journalists' if this music critic can find all this?" Oh I know where they are, they are covering the Trump show as entertainment to boost ratings. And on such careless stupidity we slide into the grip of a fascist con artist... and his disgusting family too... proof positive TV has rotted … [Read more...]

Fox News ACTUAL Tapes of Office Sex Leaked After 20 M Settlement to Pay For Roger Ailes’ Sins : WATCH (Warning Explicit Trumpian Sexual Behavior!)

Hidden cameras at FOX News secretly recorded Roger Ailes "interviewing" women in his office! So far Ailes has not interrupted his 24/7 work with Donald Trump prepping him to debate Hillary Clinton to respond. Bannon, a Trump spokesman Tweeted: "Nothing wrong here, just normal everyday fun. Message to liberal liars: get a life!"These tapes (EXCLUSIVE TO PATHEOS.COM) were secretly emailed to me the same day as Fox News reached a settlement with former news anchor Gretchen Carlson for a … [Read more...]

Woman-Abuser Roger Ailes Is “Advising” Donald Trump. So Are Other Famous Alleged Woman Abusers. Why Isn’t This Misogynists-For-Trump Club the Biggest 2016 Election Scandal of All?

(Il Duce and the Fuhrer on a visit to a Rome museum. Photo Wikipedia) Some famously vicious misogynists and workplace predators are working to get Trump elected. In fact they are the core of his team. Why isn’t this a big deal in the media? Put it this way: If there is no longer a place for Roger Ailes at FOX News why is he now at the heart of a presidential race? Roger Ailes was too toxic to stay even at Fox, a place known worldwide for it's anti-woman abuse culture. So why is he involved w … [Read more...]

Watch Hitler go Medieval on Trump’s ass! Do NOT Miss WATCHING this Hilarious Parody video spoofing Trump’s immigration flip-flops!

(YouTube)Watch the far far "Alt-Right" right unravel with Hitler as your comedy guide... seriously funny!Trump-- post his Fox News town hall with Sean Hannity has seriously annoyed Hitler!Hitler says Trump is proving himself weak on what is supposedly his signature issue: immigration and all those damned brown rapists!"You also seem to be indicating there might be something other than 'they have to go back,'" Hannity told Trump, referencing reports that Trump may be softening his … [Read more...]

The 8 Year Slow Motion Lynching of President Obama by the Republicans Ends With the President More Successful and Popular than Ever and… TRUMP as the Evil Ghost Haunting the Party of Obstruction

(photo Wikipedia)"How did we get Trump?" a Republican might ask. The answer is quite simple. You created him.Let me explain.While Republican candidates scramble to NOT be identified with Trump, Democrats bathe in the warm glow of success and reliability cast by President Obama. The isolated proudly fact-free mutants living in the Fox News and talk radio twilight zone might be able to ignore the pesky fact that unemployment now stands at 4.9% (lower than when Reagan left office in … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, Reunited to Fight Trump, FOX “News” and the GOP on the “Late Show” WATCH!

Jon Stewart is back to battle Trump, the GOP and FOX "News." Don't miss this zinger-return!  Stephen Colbert, on “Late Show,” resurrected Jon to rip into FOX for now praising Trump for the  same traits they once (falsely) condemned in Barack Obama.  Frank Schaeffer is a writer. His latest book --WHY I AM AN ATHEIST WHO BELIEVES IN GOD: How to give love, create beauty and find peaceAvailable now on Amazon Follow Frank on Twitter www … [Read more...]