White cop-killer suspect angry because he could not wave confederate flag… Do you think he already voted for Trump before being arrested?

(photos YouTube)White cop-killer suspect angry because he could not wave confederate flag... Do you think he already voted for Trump before being arrested?As reported by the New York Times, In a video posted online on Oct. 16, a man police officers refer to as Scott Greene is shown being escorted from an Urbandale High School football game two days earlier. In the video, the man is angry because someone at the game took away the Confederate flag he was holding.Throughout the … [Read more...]

One Picture Says It All: Here’s the Real Trump “Legacy”

(a gun ad that ran in the Las Vegas Review-Journal photo Twitter)“I got three words for you: Cabbage Patch dolls,” Cameron Hopkins, owner of local gun store Westside Armory, replied when HuffPost asked why he believed the price of guns would go up if Clinton becomes president. “Do you remember when all the kids wanted Cabbage Patch dolls? And it was Christmas time and all the toy stores were running out of Cabbage Patch dolls? So what do you think happened to the price of Cabbage Patch d … [Read more...]

Here’s the Best overall Commentary on Trump, America, the media and the fact-free Right of 2016: DO NOT MISS THIS 15 Min BILL MAHER INTERVIEW WITH FAREED ZAKARIA – CNN

(Photo Twitter) This Bill Maher (15 min) interview on the overall meaning and threat of Trump's run for the presidency is one for the history books or a time capsule.  Don't miss this.And... here's a bonus! (Hilarious!) WATCH as Stephen Colbert Explains The Conspiracies Against Donald Trump...XXX``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````P.S. If you want to know a little more about where I'm coming from and my perspective on politics, … [Read more...]

Liberty U Students Rebuke Jerry Falwell Jr. Over His Support for the Woman-Molesting Pervert Trump (The name Falwell and the words Sexual Assault will be linked forever…)

(Photos Twitter/YouTube) Students at Liberty University have proved themselves more ethical than their school's president. Falwell's name will be linked to condoning Trumpian criminal sexual assault forever. Falwell's students just said No Thanks to Trump and to his Number One Supporter Falwell. Falwell said Yes once again to Trump as headlines pile up... "Groped In First Class... Kissed Receptionist On The Mouth... Grabbed Woman During A Photoshoot... ‘PEOPLE’ Mag Writer: He Attacked Me... FLA … [Read more...]

Here is the single best video documentary ever made on America’s Gun Illness WATCH!

(Photo YouTube) Watch "Gun Nation," the first release from the Guardian’s new documentary series. Trump is the NRA's Number One fan... then watch him hint--again--that Hillary Clinton be killed...Oh yes, and here is Trump (the NRA boy wonder) hinting again that Hillary Clinton should be assassinated... after her "bodyguards" (that would be the Secret Service agents, be stripped of guns... the NRA/Republican madness continues! Follow Frank on T … [Read more...]

Trump SHOCK! ASSASSINATE HILLARY? (No Kidding) IT IS 1930 in 2016

Trump talked assassination of Hillary Clinton by gun rights supporters today. Trump said ‘second amendment people’ could stop Democrat choosing undesirable supreme court justices if she is elected.Did Trump hint or call for the assassination of Hillary Clinton by supporters of gun rights?The Republican nominee was speaking at a rally in Wilmington, North Carolina, about the next president’s power to appoint supreme court justices. “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks … [Read more...]

Trump is going to lose the election. And Trump will make us pay. (HINT: It’s Trump’s Version of Hitler’s “scorched earth” Policy) Here’s How to Stop Him Taking Revenge on America

Tell a large group of not-terribly-bright heavily armed angry white men (prone to belief in alternative “information” and conspiracy theories) that the election of their candidate is being stolen by a rigged system… and what could possibly go wrong? Put it this way: if violence against women increases in domestic abuse cases around the loss of a favorite NFL team- just imagine the day after Trump loses.As an article on domestic abuse noted in Time: In a comprehensive survey of domestic viole … [Read more...]

The key bulwark of faith-based Trumpism is the prosperity gospel: To the evangelicals (both right and left) lying and money are the real “gospel” so “He’s one of us!”

(AP Photo/Richard Vogel, File)(photo www.rollingstone.com)Evangelical Christianity in America became a get-rich-quick scheme long ago. So it's no wonder that millions of prosperity gospel-following downtrodden white evangelicals who forgot to start churches of their own (and get rich) see Trump as one of their own. For a start he's just like their preachers and leaders: a comforting fraud who holds out hope of winning life's lottery.According to a new Pew poll an astonishing four fi … [Read more...]