Mike Pence Denies that Smoking is Harmful to your Health (seriously) as well as Evolution and Climate Change… Other than that…

During a 2000 congressional race debate, Mike Pence defended an op-ed he wrote arguing that “smoking doesn’t kill.” Pence said there was no direct “scientific causal link medically identifying” a connection between smoking and lung cancer, according to a local newspaper report uncovered by BuzzFeed News.On Monday, BuzzFeed News reported Pence wrote an op-ed in 1997 equating the health risks associated with cigarettes with those associated with candy.Pence was defending the tobacco industr … [Read more...]

WATCH THIS VIDEO: On A Mission To Change The Way Women See Their Bodies (and a Backhanded Answer to Trump-Style Misogyny)

Photo TARYN BRUMFITT (Facebook)  WATCH this video before some Donald Trump-Clone-Pig tells you or your daughters or granddaughters that their breasts are the "wrong" shape or that they are "too big" or "too small." Trump even was discussing his own baby daughter's breast size not long ago on TV! No kidding!Enough of these Trumpian idiots who reduce women to size and shape. In a world where a sexist pig like Trump belittles women having made a career of so-called bea … [Read more...]

XII Commandment Last but Not Least…. (End)

XII: Never forget that one of the the greatest joys you can experience is to become a fully engaged grandparent.The second phase of  parenthood is to mitigate the inexperience of even the best well meaning parent your child may become.Don’t drop the grandparent ball! If you do you’ll have missed the single best chance for contentment this life offers.(Thus Endeth My Twelve Commandments)To book Frank Schaeffer to speak at your college, church or group contact him at Fra … [Read more...]