It’s Now Clear: White Evangelicals Unleashed a Wave of Jew-Hatred Bigotry and Lies: Trump Is Fulfilling the Worst Case Scenario — American Jews, Hispanic Christians, Gay Moms and Dads Are in Real Danger

Trump is unleashing a wave of Jew-hating. White evangelical voters are now responsible for an American "unthinkable" -- their "president" has made it okay to target the chosen people.Trump’s first month in office has come with dozens of bomb threats to Jewish organizations, a further unleashing of antisemitism in social media and, in St. Louis over the weekend, the toppling of some 200 tombstones at a Jewish cemetery.No surprise here: Trump fanned antisemitism through his campaign’s wel … [Read more...]

Today it is time to take out the white trash: Trump’s “legacy” is vanity, tastelessness, classlessness, men behaving badly and making racism mainstream again.

Don't recycle your white trash today, just put it in this basket...Today it is time to take out the white trash: Trump’s "legacy" is vanity, tastelessness, classlessness, men behaving badly and making racism mainstream again. WATCH America has Cancer; His Name is Donald Trump. Hillary is the Chemotherapy. VOTE! #ElectionDayHere's the  Cancer...(All Photos from YouTube)``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````P.S. If you want to know a li … [Read more...]

TRUMP: Aging White’s Last Gasp — “End Times” fans signed on for Armageddon then found an alternative reality presidential candidate

(Photo YouTube) #Nostalgia for the lost era of white male boomer control created the Trump candidacy. Now it’s killing it. It is death by the weight of lies colliding with truth. America is going to hell, Trump claimed. The problem is that actually America is in great shape. Deal with it. #Writing in Salon ("Donald Trump Is the Right-wing, Aging White Boomers' Last Gasp: The Future May Look Brighter") David Masciotra notes that: The United States currently has the highest standard o … [Read more...]

My New Hero is Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado “Miss Housekeeping” (According to Hispanic-working class- mocking Trump)

Alicia Machado was bullied, insulted and disrespected by Trump as a woman, as a Hispanic and as someone who (to him) represented the faceless, meaningless "housemaid" working class. In her run in with this vile man Machado has exposed a fact: to vote for Trump you are either a male woman hater or a self-loathing woman. Her "case" (one of many) is where everything Trump is and isn't comes together.As the Washington Post reported, "Since the late 1990s, all that most people who are aware of … [Read more...]

HOW YOU (personally) MADE TRUMP PRESIDENT (on “principle”)

(YouTube photo) HOW YOU (personally) MADE TRUMP PRESIDENT (on “principle”)When you are watching Trump’s thugs beating a Hispanic mother and child to death as they enforce “border protection” just remember you voted for Jill Stein on “principle” When you are watching Trump’s thugs shooting an innocent black man to death just remember you voted for Jill Stein on “principle” When you can’t get a job in Trump’s ruined global economy just remember you voted for Gary Johnson on “principle” … [Read more...]

Who Will Go Door-to- Door For Trump… And Would Anyone in Their Right Mind Open Their Door?!

Can you imagine a Trump get out the vote door-to-door effort? Neither can I. Picture the average screaming angry white male speaking in short angry fact-free sentences threatening to punch the homeowner in the face who dares to disagree.For instance here's the typical subtle Trump-style "pitch" a Trump supporter might be expected to make to any mom he runs across against open carry of guns that Trump supports. As the Republican National Convention gathered in downtown … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Message From “Christian” GOP to Hispanics “Go Home Border Ni—rs!”

 When Republican lawmakers slammed President Barack Obama for announcing Thursday that he would act unilaterally to provide deportation relief for approximately 4.4 million undocumented immigrants, there didn’t seem to be much of the Thanksgiving spirit in their response. Isn’t this a time to welcome the stranger in our midst? There was no question in my mind that besides being ungenerous there is also a racial component to the GOP response. A black man is going to flood us with more peo … [Read more...]

The Republican Suicide Continues With Their Hysterical (Anti-Obama) Support For Child-Killing Guns

Add blind support for 30-round ammunition clips, military assault rifles and ownership of semiautomatic weapons, no-background-check gun shows and “right to carry” laws -- including the right to carry in schools -- to the list of recent Republican Party suicide notes. And to think: I once belonged to the Republican Party, helped marry it to the religious right as I describe in my book Crazy For God, and I'm white, male, 60-years-old and own a gun. I have a son who served in the Marines in Afghan … [Read more...]