# VIII Commandment… continues

VIII: Never pass on your fears.Too many a “be careful!” comment or too many a “Don’t do that!” shout, when the worst case risk isn’t actually going to lead to death or serious injury results in a kid who is scared of the world.Don’t hover!There are far worse things than risking a couple of stitches or a broken wrist from “allowing” kids to really play in the real world.A kid who grows up feeling safer staring at a screen than wandering the neighborhood or climbing a tree is a depr … [Read more...]

# VI Commandment Re Your Kids

VI: Never make the mistake I made by expecting that somehow a child will learn to be polite by yelling at them!Snapping, “Say thank you!” or “Say please!” teaches nothing. Saying please and thank you to your child and showing them consistent respect is what they will imitate.(to be continued in this space tomorrow...)To book Frank Schaeffer to speak at your college, church or group contact him at Frankschaeffer.com Frank Schaeffer is a writer and author of Crazy for God: How I Gre … [Read more...]