It’s Now Clear: White Evangelicals Unleashed a Wave of Jew-Hatred Bigotry and Lies: Trump Is Fulfilling the Worst Case Scenario — American Jews, Hispanic Christians, Gay Moms and Dads Are in Real Danger

Trump is unleashing a wave of Jew-hating. White evangelical voters are now responsible for an American "unthinkable" -- their "president" has made it okay to target the chosen people.Trump’s first month in office has come with dozens of bomb threats to Jewish organizations, a further unleashing of antisemitism in social media and, in St. Louis over the weekend, the toppling of some 200 tombstones at a Jewish cemetery.No surprise here: Trump fanned antisemitism through his campaign’s wel … [Read more...]

Will Evangelicals Who Love Israel Follow Trump as he Unleashes His Last Ditch “New World Order” conspiracy theories With Heavy White Supremacist Age-Old Anti-Semitic Overtones?

(Trump photo YouTube, Logo of "Stormfront" Radio "a community of racial realists and idealists. We are White Nationalists") Does Donald Trump say that the goal of "the Jewish Masonic elite is to ... enslave all of mankind under the thumb of a Jewish master race led by a world messiah who is to rule from Jerusalem"? Not yet, but he's coming close to the anti-Semitic site (one of thousands) that did post that quote. It's not much crazier than what Trump is saying now.Speaking to … [Read more...]

Are You a Certainty Addict?

Are you a certainty addict? If so you are not alone. May I cure you... or at least try to start the process?Give me 2 minutes and WATCH. Then come to my Facebook page and join the discussion. Frank Schaeffer is a writer. His latest book --WHY I AM AN ATHEIST WHO BELIEVES IN GOD: How to give love, create beauty and find peaceAvailable now on Amazon Follow Frank on Twitter Frank’s paintings … [Read more...]

If there is a creator He/She/It must hate fundamentalist religion

The deluded religious belief that any people or nation or church is a “chosen” people is the root of almost all our troubles. So is the lunacy of believing in “Truth” revealed through one special prophet to one special peoples and/or tribe, be they Jews, Muslims or American Evangelical Christians, or conservative Roman Catholics who believe in the special primacy of their popes.The earth bursts with life. Far right exclusionary religion bursts with death. If there is a creator of life He/She/It m … [Read more...]

Is Ann Coulter an anti-Semite?

Is Ann Coulter an anti-Semite? She asks "How many f---ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?" I only met Coulter once and she struck me as self-involved to the point of delusion but sane. So maybe this crazy tilt to Jew-baiting is all one of a piece of where the GOP tribe is headed and not just a crazed rant. Prediction: if Trump can get away with overt racism , Coulter can lead the Tea Party tribe to Jew-hating. She hated the nice-to-Jews slate of Republican presidential … [Read more...]

Dear American Jewish Community, By Netanyahu Playing Partisan Games with the GOP anti-Obama Hate Machine, he’s Just put Israel on the Wrong Side of History

 By allowing the Republicans to play dirty anti-Obama politics with Israel's security, Netanyahu has done about as much as anyone could to play into the paranoid delusions of the extremist Muslims, Holocaust deniers, and anti-Semites everywhere. Netanyahu and the Boehner-enabled end-run around the American commander in chief might as well be advertised like this: A Great Day For Anti-Semites Everywhere! Speaker of the House and Prime Minister of Israel Conspire to Prove Delusional Pa … [Read more...]

Jews Flee France as Ethnic Cleansing Turns to Murder– Shades of Auschwitz Return? Thanks W!

 AP photoGeorge W. Bush turned out to be the greatest facilitator of Islamic terror in history. He opened the door to Christians being pushed out of the Middle East. Are French Jews next?After the murder of 12 people at the offices of the Charlie Hebdo magazine a siege at a kosher supermarket, expanded the attacks in Paris to a specifically anti-Jewish attack. Even before this latest anti-Jewish attack Jews have been leaving France (7000 last year to Israel) in fear of their live … [Read more...]

“Dear Frank, Thanks to you, as a Jew I can say that I am a follower of Jesus”

Who knew I'd write a book that would help a Jew connect more deeply with his Jewish spirituality? "I heard my rabbi better this year as I fasted and sat all day in the synagogue on Yom Kippur in Riverside, CA., and was more focused. Yes, I really think that reading your books and connecting with you helped that much."Hi , Frank, when I first wrote to you after reading one of your posts on Huff Post, I was depressed. You were so kind to write back.  It really made a difference to me. A few … [Read more...]