Yes, Hillary is a Strong and Tremendous Human Being. You Got a Problem With That?

(Photo C-Span) "There’s an episode of the dystopian TV series Black Mirror in which terrorists force the British prime minister to fuck a pig on live television. As people gather to gawk at the spectacle, rambunctious prurience gives way to funereal sadness; the humiliation soils everyone who watches it," writes Michelle Goldberg in 'Hillary Clinton Was a Model of Grace and Poise Throughout a Disgusting Ordeal.' (Slate)That’s what it felt like going into the second presidential debate on Sun … [Read more...]

WATCH THIS! Give me 30 min and I’ll show you what an educated, prepared WOMAN & political leader looks like! Compare to Trump! Theresa May speaking today during her 1st Prime Ministers Questions at the House of Commons WATCH!

(photos YouTube)WATCH and learn: This is what prepared, articulate, clever political leadership looks like. This is what women do. Love Theresa May or hate her notwithstanding-- she is everything Donald-loser-Trump is not! Oh and BTW, all those inarticulate Trumpian lies aside, we too in the USA have a prepared, sane, educated, clever and strong woman ready to lead. And Hillary (like May) is going to win. P.S. as you watch also fantasize about the orange twit Trump trying to negotiate with … [Read more...]

Chris Rock For President

The commonsense, dignity and compassion-- not to mention brilliant humor that Chris Rock brought to his Oscar opening will go down in history. It was one of those seminal moments in race relations right up there with "I have a dream."If you already saw it re-watch the video here and think about the implications of diffusing the "Oscar-Race-Relations" situation and yet making your point. What a lesson for anyone interested in communicating with other human beings in a way where one can get … [Read more...]

For Once a Republican (Chris Christie) Tells the Truth About President Obama! (Watch)

Please watch this!Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy … [Read more...]