Just Pray Trump IS Lying

(Photo, YouTube)Pray Trump is a pathological liar.  Convinced of secret media and liberal plots to undermine him, wanting to fight anyone and everyone and everything who he thinks disrespects him and having embraced “alternative facts,” Trump has shown us -- in just a few days -- that he’s either in the grip of delusions or is a liar or both.As I say just pray he’s just a liar. The alternative is bleak.Trump’s only source of information is television and social media. Via Twitter he s … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss This! Watch: “Saturday Night Live” pokes fun at Donald Trump’s relationships with the FBI, Russian president Vladimir Putin and the KKK in its final pre-election show. Alec Baldwin Kills… then Gets so Nice He Made Me Cry For All We’ve Lost…

(Photo YouTube) “Saturday Night Live” poked fun at Donald Trump’s relationships with the FBI, Russian president Vladimir Putin and the KKK in its final pre-election show. Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon killed... again but then things got real and serious, and all of a sudden the fun was over and the actors became themselves as they made a historic appeal for a saner and kinder American future... WATCH!``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````P.S. If you want to k … [Read more...]

THIS IS BIG-BREAKING NEWS…President Obama’s Most Important Statement of his Presidency: The election is not “rigged.” (President to Trump “STOP Whining!”)

(Photo YouTube) Breaking News... President Must Defend Democracy Itself Against a Would be Fascist: A FIRST in American History. Trump proves he is a greater threat to America than were the 9/11 terrorists who attacked buildings & individuals. Trump says our election is "rigged" and is thus attacking the USA's very heart: the legitimacy of our democracy. Now a real patriot and great man-- President Obama -- answers him. This is a very, very big deal, a moment in American history when you … [Read more...]

BOMBSHELL: TRUMP- America’s would be Savior payed no taxes… because of his mismanagement of his casinos! …according to the NY TIMES coup de grâce leak

(photo YouTube) Here is how Trump responded to the devastating new bombshell of leaked tax documents released today by the New York Times exclusive story on his tax returns:  “Mr. Trump knows the tax code far better than anyone who has ever run for President and he is the only one that knows how to fix it.”As the Times noted in a front page story: "The 1995 tax records, never before disclosed, reveal the extraordinary tax benefits that Mr. Trump, the Republican presidential nomi … [Read more...]

Dear Donald,

 Dear Donald,Please don’t listen to your advisers! Don’t practice for the next debate! Who are they to tell you that you need help? Why should you listen to anyone? They aren’t you so that means they are losers! Only you are a winner! Only you know what’s best! Only you can save America from losers! All of us Americans are losers! Only you are a winner! You know that for certain because we have fallen for your game! That makes us—the media, the pundits, the other so-called politicia … [Read more...]

The alphabet Trump will teach your kids

The new improved Republican Party alphabet Trump will teach your kids. Working to create a nation of thugs.P.S. If you want to know a little more about where I'm coming from and my perspective on politics, religion and the intersection of faith and life-- here's a new movie about me. (It's below the poster on YouTube) scroll down and watch it for free...WATCH "Let me be FRANK" HERE:Follow Frank on Twitter www.twitter.com/frankschaefferSee Frank’s paintings h … [Read more...]

an open letter to millennials about this election from an old guy who actually likes you

 You are a betrayed generation. Frivolous divorce rocked your world as too many parents gave up on themselves and you. Your family may have been stable but too many weren't. Too many people were deprived of happiness found in unconditional love. Instead of education that deepens the soul you were herded into crap schools that are designed to turn out workers for corporations not complete people and open doors. You've been lied to. Life is not about career success but the embrace of just … [Read more...]

Actual Criminality? Who cares. Trump Supporters Would Support Him if he Raped Children… They Want Their Fascist White Supremacist No Matter What. Period. Here’s Proof.

(Photo YouTube)How many things should have already totally disqualified Trump? Never mind, here's one more. As noted by Alan Smith of Business Insider, the Washington Post's David Fahrenthold just published a series of stunning revelations about Donald Trump's "charitable foundation," reporting that Trump used foundation money to finance various legal fees. By the way this is a crime.Trump had not made a single donation to his charity since 2008, and used money from others in such … [Read more...]