100 DAYS OF TRUMP (It’s Been More Like 100 Awful Years)

"His Presidency has become the demoralizing daily obsession of anyone concerned with global security, the vitality of the natural world, the national health, constitutionalism, civil rights, criminal justice, a free press, science, public education, and the distinction between fact and its opposite." So writes writes David Remnick in the New Yorker.Remnick notes that Trump has, set fire to the integrity of his office... Trump flouts truth and liberal values so brazenly that he undermines … [Read more...]

My “Easter Sermon” and Video Rant: Trump is a symptom. We’re losing our souls…

Trump is a symptom. We’re losing our souls. Silicon Valley billionaires think they will live forever by downloading their consciousness to computers. Evangelicals are waiting for Jesus. What all agree on is that our true redeemer these days is Ayn Rand and the cult of money, power and greed. Selfishness and anti-human behavior is the norm. A passenger is mugged on United; a fraud is elected “president”; the rich get richer everyone else loses leg room so to speak, and has to pay to check a bag. T … [Read more...]

“Dear Frank, While I was in therapy recovering from the literal brain damage I experienced due to evangelical fundamentalism plus incest”…

 Hi Frank,While I was in therapy recovering from the literal brain damage I experienced due to evangelical fundamentalism plus incest, my therapist advised me not to read others' stories/work because she wanted me to keep my memories uncontaminated from others'.  SO I just finished your Calvin Becker trilogy (Portofino, Zermatt and Saving Grandma) because I kept the same policy while writing my memoir series.Your trilogy hit me hard because it was so accurate!  I could fe … [Read more...]

Imagine the HORROR of Trump-The-Untrustworthy Offering “Comfort” To Grieving Americans after a Terror Attack or Other Tragedy

When President W Bush sent my Marine son to war three times (2003-2004) I thought Bush was a fool, but not a dishonorable person. I wrote this in the Washington Post: Before my son became a Marine, I never thought much about who was defending me. Now when I read of the war on terrorism or the coming conflict in Iraq, it cuts to my heart. When I see a picture of a member of our military who has been killed, I read his or her name very carefully. Sometimes I cry. President Bush read the piece … [Read more...]

There’s Only One Way the Democratic Party Can Win Back the White House and Congress: Toss a Lit Match into the Gas Can of Trump Voters’ Perpetual Anger

 Put it this way: How does one talk someone mired in irrational beliefs into accepting fact-based reality? More to the point these days, how does one change a Trump voter’s mind and get her or him to reject Trump’s multiplying lies and vote for a Democrat next time?How do you reason someone out of a position that they themselves did not reason into?The answer is—you can’t.But you can pry enough Trump voters out of the Republican Party and incite them to vote for Democrats, an … [Read more...]

Trump Is President Because Too Many On the Left Put Faith in Late Night Comedy Rather Than Policy: Call This the Daily Show Epic Fail

 The Daily Show was an epic fail: irony and snark lost to the reality of Trump, as it were. Trump is president because the left, liberals and especially younger people put their faith in late night comedy rather than policy. Even now, two months-plus into Trump’s term, liberals still haven’t figured out that the reason he’s president is because millions of union members and many left-leaning nonvoters decided to show up for Trump rather – as it were—than for the late night comedy politic … [Read more...]

read this terrifying news release from media matters, a most trusted news source combating fake news about our slide to outright white supremacy overtaking the Trump White House by stealth and overtly too

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, February 3, 2017 CONTACT Laura Keiter LKeiter@mediamatters.orgHow To Get Away With White Supremacy In Trump's White House Stephen Bannon: White Supremacist Or Just #1 Fan Of White Supremacists? BY MEDIA MATTERS DIGITAL DIRECTOR JOHN WHITEHOUSEWith the appointment of former Breitbart chief Stephen Bannon as a permanent member of President Donald Trump’s National Security Council, white nationalist forces in America have achieved what Jeff … [Read more...]


(YouTube) Trump’s antagonizing the people of the world. Last week, the Dutch (the Netherlands) offered an “official” welcome video, using Trump’s own words. It became a global hit. As their saying went, “America First, The Netherlands Second!”Now Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, and Germany—where citizens’ trust in the U.S. has eroded to a record low—all want to get in on the Trump trolling, too. Enjoy! WATCH … [Read more...]