Ralph Reed and Tony Perkins: Trump Still Great-Post-Sexual Assault Bragging: Reed–It’s no big deal… (Reed/Perkins Just Killed the last shreds of Evangelical Self-Respect)

(Photo Twitter)Ralph-pussy-grabber-endorser-Reed, the chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition and a member of Trump’s religious advisory board, said in a statement. “I think a 10-year-old tape of a private conversation with a TV talk show host ranks pretty low on their hierarchy of concerns.”Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, another Trump supporter, told BuzzFeed he isn’t concerned with sharing “values” with the GOP nominee.“My personal support for Donald Trump has n … [Read more...]

I have received hundreds of messages from people distressed by parents and friends supporting Trump asking “What can I say?” Here’s my favorite gutsy solution from a Facebook friend… (Read, Laugh, Cry)

Hi Frank-I just called my staunch Republican parents, and confronted them about the latest with Trump. I said to them, "I am a tall blonde, and Donald Trump LOOOOOOOVESSS tall blondes.So, would it be OK with YOU TWO for him to come up to me and try to grab my pussy because he is a star and feels entitled to do so?Is it ok for him to try to fuck me? And remember, you CAN'T be offended if I use those words, if you're NOT offended that HE uses those words.So, give me an answer, yes … [Read more...]

“Mike I’ve grabbed more women who didn’t want me touching them with this hand than you’ve had Bible studies welcome to the Make Sexual Assault Great Again 2016 GOP team!”

 As Portia R noted on my Facebook page: "That pretty much sums up the GOP ticket. Classless, predator, and Bible thumping dynamic duo."  ... and Mike explains the Pussy Grabber to the brothers and sisters in Christ... Church-N-Pussy ...(Photos YouTube)P.S. If you want to know a little more about where I'm coming from and my perspective on politics, religion and the intersection of faith and life-- here's a new movie about me. (It's below the poster on YouTube) scroll down … [Read more...]


(Photo Amazon.com)  A.B.C or D? a: the toilet the Republicans flushed themselves down in 2016?b: the toilet the evangelicals flushed themselves down in 2016?c: the toilet the third party “Never Hillary” voters flushed themselves down in 2016?d: the toilet old white idiots flushed themselves down in 2016?(… a, b, c & d are all correct answers! Good job!) P.S. If you want to know a little more about where I'm coming from and my perspective on politics, re … [Read more...]

Hi Jerry Falwell Jr. Here’s Trump’s Recording Uncensored “Grab em by the pussy!” Falwell do you and Franklin Graham do this too? This is your chosen president, right? So you must love this leadership. Listen to full recording.

(photos YouTube) Donald Trump Caught on Hot Mic - "Grab Her By the Pussy..." Ralph Reed? Is "Grab Her By the Pussy..." Faith and Freedom Coalition's new slogan? Jerry Falwell Jr: " ‘The three greatest threats are: Osama, Obama and your mama.’ Well, Osama is now gone, Obama has six months left in his term and the only way to ‘Make America Great–and One Again’ is to tell Chelsea’s mama: ‘You’re fired.’" Jerry do you go on these groping molestation Trump tours too? This is your boy Mr. Family V … [Read more...]

For Years Some Have Described White Evangelicals As Racists. Now That Polls Say 78% Of White Evangelicals Are Voting for Trump We Know It’s True. (And 25 Other Things Trump Proves Including the Fact That So-Called Progressive Evangelicals Are Just Enablers Providing Cover to HATE)

 (Photo YouTube)78% of white evangelical voters say they will vote for Trump. For years some have described American white evangelicals as racists. Now that polls say 78% of evangelicals are voting for Trump we know its true.What else do we now know?Evangelicals have said "hate the sin but love the sinner." Now polls say 78% of white evangelicals are voting for Trump we know they just hate.The mask slipped. It's over.For year many Americans have regarded … [Read more...]


(Photos C-Span/YouTube)The fraudulent founders of the prosperity gospel movement -- including Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland and Frederick K.C. Price -- helped lay the groundwork for Trump. Poor white suckers made them rich. And perhaps it is no coincidence that Trump and the granddad of the prosperity gospel -- Oral Roberts -- both founded "universities."That old faker Oral Roberts - the television faith-healer (who in 1987 told his flock that God would call him home if … [Read more...]

NEW LOW Breaking AP story: Trump publicly compared a woman’s ass he liked to his daughter’s sexy figure again and again on the set of ‘The Apprentice’ “

(Photo YouTube)Eight former crew members recall that Trump repeatedly made lewd comments about a camerawoman he said had a nice rear, comparing her beauty to that of his daughter, Ivanka....Hey Jerry Falwell Jr. Franklin Graham, and all the rest: here's who you are voting for: A godless scum you wouldn't let clean your church, let alone be a pastor after he went around publicly comparing his own daughters bottom to a woman he wanted to have sex with.According to a new story in AP in … [Read more...]