Schaeffer, Sharpton, MSNBC V. Ralph Reed the Con Man for Jesus

     Ralph Reed would be in jail in countries that don't coddle religious fanatics. Frank Schaeffer, Al Sharptn together on MSNBC discussing the "Faith and Freedom" con job. Last night on MSNBC... Why do they hate the poor in the name of Jesus?  Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy … [Read more...]

Edith Schaeffer’s Funeral Service Sermon– Village Church of Gryon, Switzerland, April 19, 2013

Mom died March 30. I just got back from a week in Switzerland where she died and where my sister Debby and her husband Udo had been caring for her.We had a lovely service for her in the old stone church in the small alpine village of Gryon where she'd lived for many years with my sister. Here's the sermon my brother in law Udo preached that meant so much to me.(Gryon church)A big thank you to all our family, the many children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and even two … [Read more...]