Trump and the Evangelicals are now One and the Same– Literally. To the Evangelicals America’s Gays, Blacks, Hispanics and Women are a “Strong-Willed” Child in Need of Breaking and if Need be– Killing

(Photo old friend of mine Gary Bauer -- we worked together on the "pro-life" circuit before I fled the religious right -- president of American Values --  endorsed Trump in his address to the Values Voters Summit in Washington: This country is the equivalent of that hijacked plane right now. We’re headed to a disaster, unless we can get control of the cockpit again.... Ladies and gentlemen, this is a Flight 93 election. This may be our last shot. It’s time to roll. It’ … [Read more...]

A Damning News Release Asks: Why Isn’t the Media Reporting on the Fact that Donald Trump Stole From 9/11 Victims?

(Picture YouTube)FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, September 12, 2016 CONTACT Laura Keiter (203) 561-7180 LKeiter@mediamatters.orgThe Awful 9/11 Trump Stories The Sunday Shows All Ignored While Remembering 9/11 BY SENIOR FELLOW ERIC BOEHLERTCoinciding with the fifteenth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, this week’s Sunday morning network talk shows dedicated a lot of their time to covering and reflecting on two stories: The 9/11 attacks, as well as t … [Read more...]

Watch my New Video: Trump has gathered a Bizarre Global Clique of Misogynist Slime unto Himself

(Photo used by permission) Some famously vicious misogynists and workplace predators are working to get Trump elected. In fact they are the core of his team. Why isn’t this a big deal in the media? Put it this way: If there is no longer a place for Roger Ailes at FOX News why is he now at the heart of a presidential race? Roger Ailes was too toxic to stay even at Fox, a place known worldwide for it's anti-woman abuse culture. So why is he involved with Trump’s camp … [Read more...]

Do NOT Miss this Historic Speech as Hillary Clinton DESTROYS TRUMP and Calls Out Trump’s Dark Racist far right ties: A first in American politics– WATCH

Trump has a cozy relationship with people who launch anti-Semitic attacks on journalists who challenge Trump, who would like to re-segregate America, and who launch invective-laced diatribes about Muslim Americans.Hillary Clinton lifted the veil on her opponent's ties to white supremacists as reported as by Adele M. Stan in AlterNet. Trump’s been getting away with this stuff for a long, long time. As Fortune magazine reported, between December 2015 and March of this year, he retweeted T … [Read more...]

What do Peter Thiel, Jerry Falwell Jr and Paul Ryan have in common? All they will be remembered for is backing the failed white supremacy Trump movement

What do Peter Thiel, Jerry Falwell Jr and Paul Ryan have in common? All they will be remembered for is backing the loser's loser of white supremacy: Trump. Like Trump they will go down in history as fools- mean anti-American fools. Trump is not only taking down the Republican Party he’s dismembering all reputations that converge with his.The toxicity of Trump, his lies, his hubris and his stupidity is potent enough to brand anyone caught in the glare of the Trump inferno of self-destruction a … [Read more...]

It’s Not Economic Hardship that Motivates Trump’s Base but Far Right Brainwashing and (Sadly!) this Denies the Best Military-Service Traditions of Working Class America

"Speaking as the father of a Marine, it seems to me that Trump's 'vision' contradicts everything that the US Military stands for..."(Photo YouTube)The brainwashing of Trump blue collar loyalists by right wing media is on display every day. Speaking as the father of a Marine, it seems to me that Trump's "vision" contradicts everything that the US Military stands for.Let me explain.That decent plumber who is a former Marine that you always liked, the one who worked so hard and … [Read more...]

The 8 Year Slow Motion Lynching of President Obama by the Republicans Ends With the President More Successful and Popular than Ever and… TRUMP as the Evil Ghost Haunting the Party of Obstruction

(photo Wikipedia)"How did we get Trump?" a Republican might ask. The answer is quite simple. You created him.Let me explain.While Republican candidates scramble to NOT be identified with Trump, Democrats bathe in the warm glow of success and reliability cast by President Obama. The isolated proudly fact-free mutants living in the Fox News and talk radio twilight zone might be able to ignore the pesky fact that unemployment now stands at 4.9% (lower than when Reagan left office in … [Read more...]

Trump to Republicans: The only thing we have to fear is people who won’t buy into perpetual fear

(Photo: The Morning Call)The Republican Party/NRA/Trump attempt at a coup against American values of bravery, hope and fearlessness (see Kennedy, Reagan, Lincoln et al) is now a white supremacist cult of death. Period. As was made abundantly clear on the first day of their bizarre "convention" all they have to offer is fear as their “answer” to how to motivate voters.They offer a lose/lose proposition to America: violence and fear of violence, guns and more guns, war and more war.The … [Read more...]