WATCH John Oliver’s Best Trump Suggestion Yet! A Hilarious “Open Letter” to Trump

(YouTube)Oliver says Trump has 2 options: a “humiliating” and “off-brand” loss to Hillary Clinton, or a “reset”Oliver told Trump. “If you keep going, you’re going to spend the next 11 weeks ramping up hatred in speeches, injecting poison into the American bloodstream that will take generations to remove, and denying the country the contest of ideas that the presidential campaign should actually be.” And at the end of all that, he said, Trump will either win or lose, both of which will mos … [Read more...]

An Open Letter from Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, the Imperial Wizard of the Rebel Brigade Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and Jerry Falwell Jr on Why They Support Trump (Okay, Just kidding it’s really a “revised” version of Senator Susan Collins denouncing Trump)

Pictured Below: 6 (actual) Leading Republican Party Leaders(photos of 6 Republican Party leaders shown above courtesy of Wikipedia and YouTube) In a sit-down interview with a Richmond news station, (as reported by TPM) the Imperial Wizard of the Rebel Brigade Knights of the Ku Klux Klan said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is his candidate for President. Meanwhile, Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, announced Monday that she would not vote for Donald J. Trump. She … [Read more...]

DO NOT MISS THIS: Watch Hillary Clinton Endure 40 Years Of Sexism In Under 3 Minutes

(photo“You’re really not all that interested in state dinners and teas and garden parties?” a twerp male interviewer asked Hillary Clinton in 1979...Today: more of the same. The "trust" issue is still a put down of an "uppity" female and really all about Hillary behaving too much like a man... in other words-- SHE'S STRONG, opinionated, tough, like a president in fact. She cares less about "likability" and more about ideas.In other words Hillary is ready to govern … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss this Wisdom From Bill Maher on Liberals/Progressives Blowing the Election and Handing the Country to Trump WATCH!

(photo HBO)In this hilarious all-too-true rant "New Rule," Bill Maher warns liberals against allowing pet causes to interfere with the need to defeat Trump ("a deadly infectious disease")-- no matter what. Please WATCH!Have you read my book about religious delusion? No? You deserve to understand the Trump voters and I'll bet you need to laugh too! Buy it HERE Available now on Amazon And God Said, And God Said, "Billy!": A Novel - Kindle edition by Frank … [Read more...]

Here’s my 6 Min Video Rant (now on YouTube) that 1 MIllion Views on my FB page: Let me Explain Why I Believe in Hillary Clinton for President

My STOP-Trump/elect Hillary (rant) now has One Million views (and over 3000 comments) on my FB page. Please STOP TRUMP and make this YouTube post of my video go viral. Please share.Here's a transcript:"Let me Explain Why I Believe in Hillary Clinton for President"By Frank SchaefferHi my name is Frank Schaeffer.And I have been on a roller coaster of a journey when it comes to politics, faith and a lot of other things. About the only thing I've stuck with in my life is two … [Read more...]

Tim LaHaye is dead but his apocalyptic fact-free “vision” of an alienated alternative and utterly destructive “reality” lives on in the candidacy of Donald Trump

(photo YouTube)Donald Trump is Tim LaHaye's true heir.  LaHaye is dead. Dystopian fantasy lives on. Only now it is America that's to be "left behind" as Trump raptures believers and non-believers alike to a hell of our own making.LaHaye's fact-free "vision" of an alienated alternative and utterly destructive "reality" lives on in the candidacy of Donald Trump.Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind series of sixteen novels represents everything that is most deranged about rel … [Read more...]

The key bulwark of faith-based Trumpism is the prosperity gospel: To the evangelicals (both right and left) lying and money are the real “gospel” so “He’s one of us!”

(AP Photo/Richard Vogel, File)(photo Christianity in America became a get-rich-quick scheme long ago. So it's no wonder that millions of prosperity gospel-following downtrodden white evangelicals who forgot to start churches of their own (and get rich) see Trump as one of their own. For a start he's just like their preachers and leaders: a comforting fraud who holds out hope of winning life's lottery.According to a new Pew poll an astonishing four fi … [Read more...]

WATCH! Jimmy Kimmel Finds Out What It Would Take for Trump to Lose Voters “Punch the Pope?” “Punch away!” “Swastika tattoo?” “No Problem!”

How plain crazy and far right, off the wall are Trump's supporters? In this hilarious (scary) video  Jimmy Kimmel finds out. WATCH! LAUGH! RUN for anywhere but here if Trump wins!Kimmel explains: “It seems like Donald Trump could say anything and they would stick with him, and to test this hypothesis, we went out on the street and asked people who said they’re on team Trump, what would Donald Trump have to do to lose your vote?" WATCH! Frank Schaeffer is a writer. His lates … [Read more...]