My NPR/Terri Gross “Fresh Air” Interview on Abortion/Pro-Life/Politics

"My dad was shocked by the hatred in the religious right..." Here's my "Pro-Life — And In Favor Of Keeping Abortion Legal" NPR interview. I talk about the history of the anti-abortion movement, gay rights, violence, what our family did. You may listen here.FRANK SCHAEFFER/TERRI GORSS/NPRListen to the StoryLISTEN HERE: Fresh Air from WHYYComing Soon From Frank Schaeffer (Pub Date May 15)...WHY I’M AN ATHEIST WHO BELIEVES IN GOD How to Create Beauty, Give Love and Find Peac … [Read more...]

You Can Be Pro-Choice and Also Want to Ban Late Term Abortions

I predict that because the pro-choice leaders refuse to concede that late term abortions are murder that they are jeopardizing the legality of abortion and thus women's rights.I predict that Roe and Bolton—in their present form whereinthey permit abortion withoutrestriction and at any age of fetaldevelopment—are not going to survive.I also predict that abortion willremain legal but be restricted tomore closely reflect the vast majorityof the American publi … [Read more...]

Jesus Could Be Their Candidate and the Republicans Would Still Lose

Note: This article was first posted on the front Politics page of the Huffington PostIt's not poor Mitt's fault. Jesus could be the Republican candidate this year with Lincoln as his running mate and the Republicans would still lose. That's because the American people don't have a death wish. You see we may all wallow in our own delusional fantasy lands but we want sane leaders.I'll explain. You might be a Christian like me who says he believes in the power of God to heal. But if I get a … [Read more...]