Post-ISIS, If George W. Bush Was Honorable (or at least a Good Shogun!) He’d commit Suicide– Here’s His “Suicide Note…”

 To my Family, the men and women in uniform and to the American People,As the Middle East falls into the grip of Islamic extremist terror unleashed by ISIS and others too numerous to count, it has become clear to me -- at last -- that my arrogance and stupidity alone led to this cataclysm. Attacking Iraq was a hubristic folly. The consequences were and are about to be fatal to millions of people-- from our service people killed, to beheaded hostages, to women forced to undergo … [Read more...]

Jesus On Acid is Really Stupid Just Ask Chuck Hagel

Chuck Hagel, meet Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind series. It represents everything that is most deranged about religion and thus about your confirmation hearing. Call this Jesus on acid.It’s one reason why you’re being asked about your “support” for the State of Israel instead of being asked about your support for the United States. Sure McCain is a senile bitter jerk (who, BTW I worked for in his 2000 primary race against an even jerkier man called W) but the evangelical community … [Read more...]

Is There Any Crime Israel Could Commit Against the Palestinian Refugees That American Evangelical Christians Would Object To?

  "We are witnessing a dramatic transformation in the relationship between [American Evangelical] Christians and Jews, who are focusing now on the common values and the common future we both share," Prime Minister Netanyahu(Quoted March 20, 2012 in "Pastor John Hagee’s Christian Zionist Enterprise Hits One Million Member Mark" Truthout) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressing Christians United for Israel Christian supporters with John Hagee in Jerusalem March 2012. ( … [Read more...]