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Coming Out Christian in the Roman World
The NIV Lifehacks Bible
Why You Could Use a Transcriber
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  • Frank Viola

    Yes. Spread the word about this offer to all your friends beginning tomorrow until May 7th. You will be absolved then. 😉 My post from today explains how. Thanks!

  • Frank

    Frank, I’m embarassed by your generosity! I feel like a freeloader holding out until your release because these are such great resources. I’m especially looking forward to the Fromke books as you recommended them in the past and I haven’t yet picked any up. Is there a way for me to not feel guilty for taking advantage of you? :)

  • Frank Viola

    Details forthcoming on the May 1st page.

  • Patricia

    Will we have to order it through Amazon? If so, will also be okay or is this offer only good in the US?