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To learn about God’s Favorite Place on Earth and how to get it on discount, click here.

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  • Frank Viola

    We encourage people to buy a paperback version, at least one. Many are buying 1 paperback and 1 Kindle. One as a gift. But if someone only buys a Kindle, they still qualify.

  • Manny

    Does buying it in Kindle format count? I would prefer that.

  • Frank Viola

    many are electronic books, some are audios, one is a CD that will be mailed to you free of charge. even so, you’ll love the book.

  • http://Google Jonathan

    Are the free books actual paperback books?

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  • Frank Viola

    Answered already in the comments.

  • Frank Viola

    Yes, the offer stands for the e-versions. But we encourage people to buy the paperback if they can. Many are buying a paperback and an eBook. With Mother’s Day coming up, this book makes a great gift.

  • Frank Viola

    You don’t have to pay for anything. Just follow the instructions. Will take you a few minutes.

  • Jonathan Roberts

    Are the 25 free things ebooks? Or do we need to pay for shipping of the 25 free books?

  • austin

    I just bought: ‘God’S Favorite Place on Earth’ by Frank Viola

  • austin

    Thank you Frank, i’ll order it now :-)
    I’ll pay for it (Amazon UK says This title has not yet been released.You may pre-order it now and we will deliver it to you when it arrives.) and then wait patiently for it to arrive…. is it here yet? … it here now?….. how long, O LORD !

  • Dimitris

    good luck with your goals about your book.
    I am going to buy the eBook version, does it count for the best selling books like the paperback? (will it be counted for this week?)

    I am going to buy it anyway but just wondering, does your offer stand for the eBook also?
    I live in Thessaloniki Greece, if the offer stands, i could pay for the shipping expences.

    Best of luck
    God Bless you – as you have been a blessing

  • Daniel

    Hi Frank – does Kindle version count as well?

  • Frank Viola


  • austin

    hi Frank,
    this may seem a daft question … :-)
    is it ok for me to buy your book from the UK branches of Amazon etc and still claim the gifts?
    grace and peace to you in Jesus,