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Hi Friends. I started this blog in October of last year. Below this post, I’ve listed all the posts I’ve written since I started this blog in October. Would you kindly click on the ones that interest you and use the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. buttons below them to share the posts with your friends? If you have a blog, you are welcome to link to any post also. If a post inspires, challenges, or helps you, sharing it will do the same for others.

On Sunday, I will be posting an interview I did with Ann Voskamp recently and sometime later I will be posting an interview I did with Dr. Michael Brown recently.

Here are all my posts to date . . . click on the ones that interest you and share them. Thanks!

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  • Steve Kitzman

    Hi Frank-
    I thoroughly love your posts and while every day is great, I truly understand the demands and commitment it takes. 3 Days a week is great for me. I appreciate your Godly Wisdom and insight – I have shared several posts already as they were written and recommended it to many others. Thank you for your diligence and service!! Grace be to you and your family!


  • Lee

    Love reading your stuff and the Lord is using both your books and blogs in my life. Three times a week is more than adequate. Thank you for what you do!!

  • http://christianjourneyuk.wordpress.com/ Gavin

    Frank, I value your blog and I would certainly wish to continue reading if you have the will to continue writing it. Like many others have said, three times a week is fine, and I don’t mind if it’s less often as the quality is more important than the quantity for me. I’m impressed by your posting rate as I often struggle to write one post a month on my blog, never mind several each week! Your writing is a blessing to me, so thank you.

  • Duane

    Having made it through about 2/3 of Jesus: A Theography I look forward to following this blog for whatever gets posted. I appreciate your insights and teachings. Thanks, in advance.

  • Geoff

    Have only recently started reading your blog – hence why I didn’t reply the first time you asked for feedback. Personally, three times a week is plenty for me. Thanks for your insights.

  • marilet

    blog on! :) three times a week is reasonable. i’ll be able to catch up with your posts. thanks for painfully taking the time. God bless!

  • Robbie J

    Hey Frank,

    I’ve been exceptionally blessed by your posts, I find them insightful and thought-provoking. I seldom have the time to read them every day, but I try to take spare time and catch-up. I’m actually surprised you’ve been able to post once a day pretty consistently for so long, so ~3 times a week sounds more reasonable to me. Whatever you feel led by the Spirit to do, and have time for doing so.

  • Shelby

    Frank, I initially (stumbled upon) “Epic Jesus” & my life has changed drastically as a result. Something in my spirit full-heartedly agreed with it & as a result, i feverishly hunted for & gulped every word of this new perception you offered. i purchased your books, bought some of your CD’s, purchased other books that inspired you, read your blog & listened to all of your podcasts (at least once!) Continue as the Lord leads you but don’t bother to be limited by the demands of shoulds & shouldnts, or numbers right? He knows your love of blogging as He placed it there. Thank you for sharing your love of ekklesia with us and your insight & revelations that He has entrusted you with. There is no better place to be than in the middle of His will. Stay blessed & thank you again for being such a blessing in my life. i dont usually leave a comment as i dont feel i am anywhere near the level of qualification to do so.

  • Mark

    I love your perspective and research, so never delete them. Now my inbox has too many unread. Maybe we super busy parents could get only the “best of” subset of your posts once a week. Quantity sometimes works against quality and effectiveness.

    mobilizing Mexico to mission, Mark

  • JB

    I agree with the general consensus.
    Thanks Frank for seeking to let the Lord work through you.

  • Valeria T

    I am absolutely starved for deeper matters of Christian life, but unfortunately most modern writers are just swimming in shallow waters and it’s simply not enough for me. Therefore, I often find myself turning to the past – to Lewis and McDonald and Merton etc for spiritual food. Your words, Frank, are of the same value to me as theirs and there is only one other contemporary christian author besides you, whose opinions and thoughts give as much spiritual nourishment. So, to answer your question – the more you blog, the better for me. But I do understand all extenuating circumstances, so will take as much as you are willing to give.

    P.S. the reason I did not answer your question the first time you posted it is because I just didn’t notice it, since it was placed after the advertisement and I figured it was the end of the post. I am guessing I wasn’t the only one.

  • Joe Smith

    Hi Frank. 3 is good. I could handle 5 but then I wouldn’t have time to read all those books you recommend. I am now on “To Preach or Not to Preach.” Wow! That should be mandatory reading for every person who dares stand behind the pulpit.

  • Alex Grabb

    I say post as much or as little as you would like. Although I would personally say the more the better, but it’s ultimately up to you. I really enjoy your posts and often share the really good ones on facebook. There is a ton to be gained from your insights even disagreements arise.

  • Joe Walsh

    Brother Frank. I love your blog. I read every chance I can. I have read or listened to almost all your books. A Brother in Christ introduced me to Pagan Christianity and it blew my mind. I have been debating for some time to go into the Chaplaincy Corp in the Army (which I currently serve) which would MDiv, study Apologetics or Theology at a seminary, study the early Church up until the time of Constantine, or just change to another profession not Christian in nature. You have helped to open my eyes to the eternal purpose of God, and have helped me find what The Lord wants me to do for the Kingdom. Please continue to post as often as you like. I will read either 3 times a week or everyday! God Bless Brother!

  • http://www.stuartmccormack.wordpress.com stuart mccormack

    As a subscriber to your blog I appreciate what you write and click to come to the blog to read full articles. 3 a week gives me enough to think through – I like that your blog posts force me to think, learn, and seek to apply to my situation.

    Posts that interest me most are to do with the indwelling Christ. More about that would be fab if you wish a humble opinion from a reader.

    Also, I’m currently reading your “Jesus” book and I am loving it – blowing my mind!! I recommend it highly and would encourage others to buy, read, reflect, learn and grow from it. Thanks Frank.

    In Christ, stu :-)

  • Patricia

    Three days a week is great.

  • Ra

    Hi Frank,

    I think 3x a wk is plenty. For what it is worth, I have bought 2 of your books as a direct result of your blog and will probably buy more. As you probably know, the Message is much needed in “christian” America.

  • Leah

    I agree with each of the thot’s posted here. We appreciate your work and use as we can. Our world is overwhelmed with information so I know the Holy Spirit will lead you to keep sharing revelation and not just information. Sorry if there are not enough responses for you to feel to keep going. I do not think that should be your criteria. Just my opinion. Thanks for all that you share – it is helpful! Leah H

  • Daniel Cook

    I hope you will keep doing these. I really enjoy reading them—-I’ve been quite blessed by them, and I share them with my friends, and on my facebook page. I understand time commitments and everything, but will be sad if you discontinued altogether.

  • John Owens

    I do appreciate your blog. I do see some of the posts that come out “every day” by various authors as seeming to having been written because they have to get one out every day. I would advise to go “as the Lord leads,” using your time to its best advantage; however, I do appreciate your viewpoints and for me 3 days a week works well on keeping up and doing more than just skimming the content. Having a “day job,” preaching 3x a month, teaching weekly, doing a “prayer spot” message every week in our service… does make me analyze the use of my time so I know where you are coming from in wanting to make the best of yours. Thank you for your efforts and may the Lord bless the ministry that he has you working in.

  • Steve Melvin

    I truly enjoy your blog! I share it in many ways usually by copying and pasting the url in to an email. I am inspired by and find your views refreshing because they are a lot like mine. Please keep posting at least once a week with your insights..

  • Frank Viola

    I write for many different outlets. I’m not sure what the Spirit is doing with this one, hence my question. Getting input from others. Hopefully more sharing of the posts will occur and the traffic will pick up on this one.

  • Mike Horn

    Keep the blog going, Frank, at least 3 days a week. I’m a big fan! Lots of valuable material.

  • Steve Myers

    Are you concerned with numbers (of viewers) or what the Holy Spirit leads you to write and when?

  • Chuck Stark

    Being a husband and father of three children still at home and owner of Angel, the Wonder Dog, I have time about once or twice a week to peruse your blog. Sometimes I read the new ones posted and sometimes I read only the ones that strike me as interesting depending on the title and the time I have. I have been a reader of almost everything Frank, because of what you write about and find it to strengthening and/or challenging. Whether you go to three or four times a week, I will be there to read what He has laid on your heart.

  • Andrew Harshman

    I like the way it is now. I think everyday is a little much. You really should really post however much you feel led to. I don’t always have time to read all the blogs that I subscribe to so I like 2 or 3 days a week.

  • Wendy Jause

    I will admit that I don’t read every post. But I do read most! I would miss them terribly if they weren’t available. The encouragement and insight always seems to be timely and intrigues me enough to search out more on your website that has been life changing. Thank you for your faithfulness! I would love to have you interview John Eldridge. That would be a great read.

  • http://mylesholmes.wordpress.com Myles Holmes

    Once a week is fine, as long as you continue to link to other articles.
    With hundreds of emails/subscriptions to peruse daily, brevity of posts, with links to deeper discussions
    are helpful.

  • David Wilson

    Your blog is one of those I read every time you post. I appreciate your thoughtful commentary, analysis and critique of the various subjects you write about. I really don’t mind the drop in the number of days. I am a teacher and understand the ebbs and flows of academic work. I would be deeply saddened if you were not able to continue the blog.

  • Justin

    Two to three days a week would be great. I just subscribed to the blog a week ago and haven’t got to read many of the previous posts. I have read several of your books and was challenged by the subjects. I found that I had to exchange some of my thinking. Thanks!

  • http://www.christianlything.com Stephen J. Higgins

    Three or less is fine. Life is not reading blogs…thanks for what you do.

  • Joyce Whitt

    I want you to post when you want to and need to. Please don’t stop or burnout.

  • Greg

    Hey Frank, I am grateful for any posts you make, whether that’s one, three, or five times a week. Three seems like a reasonable number to me, though. Thank you for all you do.

  • http://revolfaith.com April K

    Three days a week sounds more than reasonable to me. I personally blog about 2 days a week to give myself time to think about my next topic and to allow my subscribers time to peruse the material. If a person is following several blogs, they end up with plenty of daily material to read. Of course, your daily page hits will drop a little if you cut back, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t reading or aren’t being helped. If the time can be spent working on more worthwhile projects, there’s no reason to not give yourself some breathing room. It’s better than suddenly burning out!

    BTW, I love the blog and may email you with a question soon.

  • http://marcia-rolling.blogspot.ca/ Marcia Janson

    I very much enjoy reading your particular posts on Patheos and hope you continue, whether it’s 3 times weekly or more. I am challenged and inspired by your stuff, so keep on going!

  • http://spoiledfortheordinary.blogspot.com Jason Joyner

    I’ve enjoyed many of the posts above. I think three days a week is plenty. I keep an eye out on different authors through Facebook and Twitter and if I have a minute I’ll click on their link. It varies on how often I get to blogs and I don’t keep track. I do think that if I’m seeing too many posts, I start wondering how I can keep up with them all. That’s why I think 3 days is good. It keeps you in front of your readers through the week, but it isn’t overwhelming. I hope this helps.

  • Joe Canner

    I peruse Patheos for topics that interest me and am not particularly concerned with how often people blog. I would notice if you dropped to, say, once a week, but I generally expect most bloggers at Patheos to write once every 1-3 days (except, of course, for people like Scot McKnight who have more energy than recommended by the FDA and also make liberal use of material from the internet and from collaborators).