I Want To Invite You to Participate With Me in Something Life-Changing

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The small number of books that are with a publisher cost something, simply because it’s very expensive for a publisher to print and distribute a book. But as my blog subscribers know, I don’t profit personally from my book sales.

Now, I want to invite you to participate in something exciting, so read on.

What My Friend Did

I have a friend who is a high profile blogger and a best-selling author. He asked his blog subscribers to WAIT to order his book on release week. He then rewarded everyone who waited by giving them 7 free gifts. All of the 7 gifts were products authored by himself: e-books, audios, etc.

Then . . . my friend invited all of his blog readers to APPLY to be part of his book launch team. He said he had over 1,000 people apply.

As I’ve said previously, over 3 million books are published each year. So it takes a ton of people creating a “buzz” about the book and ordering it on release week for it to get significant notice. If not, it gets ignored by the masses and swallowed up by all the other “noise” on the Internet.

My friend only allowed 100 people to be part of his launch team. Everyone else didn’t make the “cut.”


Those 100 people wrote positive reviews of his book on Amazon, they promoted the book all week on their Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. The people on his launch team who were bloggers mentioned the book on their blogs during release week.

As a result of their efforts, those 100 people helped my friend’s book hit The New York Times Bestseller list. An amazing accomplishment!

Some Differences Between My Friend and Me

As you can see, my friend’s idea inspired me to offer 25 free gifts of value to those who get it on release week (May 1 to May 7). But unlike my friend’s reward system of 7 gifts, all authored by himself, the 25 gifts I will be giving away are by over 15 different authors.

I have no dreams that my book will hit The New York Times Bestseller list. I just want the book to become highly visible so God’s people everywhere will know about it.

Why? Because I’m confident that it’s a game-changer and a life-changer. The message changed my own life, and that’s why I wrote it.

Now . . . some of my friends have urged me to put together a launch team of 100 people. But right or wrong, I’ve decided to NOT take their advice.

Instead, I’m going to do something unconventional (surprised, right?). And some are telling me it will NEVER work. (“People are too selfish,” they’re saying.)

Well . . . I’ve had someone write me recently saying,

“Frank, I’ve been subscribed to your blog and podcast for years and I appreciate that you’ve given away so much free material. I’ve been to some of your free events and I’ve benefited so much because of your ministry. I am so excited about your new book and I want to help spread the word about it. What can I do to help?”

I’ve received others that were similar. Emails like this make my day. Emails like this tell me that there are lots of people who are more keen on advancing the kingdom of God than their own interests.

An Unconventional Experiment

So here’s my idea.

If you want to be part of my “launch team” for God’s Favorite Place on Earth, you can. ALL OF YOU. So there’s no “cut” to try to make.

Being part of the launch team is very simple. There are three easy steps:

1. Beginning on May 1st, let all your friends know that they will receive 25 FREE and VALUABLE gifts if they get my book between May 1 and May 7. Send your friends to this link: http://GodsFavoritePlace.com beginning on May 1st.  All the details will be given there on how to claim their gifts and what they are exactly.

2. Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkeden, email, etc. to get the word out between May 1st and May 7th.

3. If you have a blog, write a blog post mentioning that the book is available. You can link to the Video Trailer and the Book Sampler. They are both at http://GodsFavoritePlace.com – you are even free to download the Book Sampler and give it away to as many people as you want.

That’s it!

I’ll keep you posted on my Twitter account @PatheosViola on how well the book is doing on Amazon.

If I didn’t think this book would be of tremendous benefit to God’s people, I wouldn’t be doing something like this. (Every once in a while I’ll get a super nasty email from someone who isn’t aware that I don’t profit personally from my books and that the money from book sales goes to help the poor. But they’ll have no hesitation to cast aspersions on my motives in the worst possible way. These people are of the same spirit of those who trashed Rick Warren when he lost his son recently. They think the worst of people they don’t even know and don’t wince at slandering them.)

Because I am so confident that God’s Favorite Place on Earth – and the 25 bonus gifts – will change people’s lives, I’m following my friend’s idea and upgrading it a bit.

Thank you for all of your support, your prayers, and your love.

I’m ever grateful.

Let’s see what our Lord does come May 1st!

Yours in the costly but glorious quest,


Psalm 115:1

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  • Tom

    Hi. Frank.
    Just to let you know, Im encouraged by the route you are taking and I pray Good’s blessings. I have already started spreading the message. A friend informed me yesterday that she had arranged for a friend to get her a copy of your book and I mentioned your offer and she has re- arranged to get it between 1-7 May. All 30 people on my email list and the approximately 70 people on my FB page will be encouraged to do likewise. And yes, this message DEFINITELY has to get as wide coverage as possible, “until the knowledge of the Lord covers the earth as the waters cover the sea.” Thanks once again.