Give Me Your Feedback on This New Idea …

To my Blog Subscribers: I assume you’ve all received my two-part email update entitled, “Demystifying Hearing the Lord’s Voice.” Part 2 was emailed on Thursday. If you subscribed to my Unfiltered updates, but didn’t see that one, check your spam folder and Promotions folder (if you use Gmail). If you’re not subscribed, go here to [Read More…]

Why You Could Use a Transcriber

Many of you who read this blog are speakers, podcasters, authors, writers, and other creatives. As such, you know the value of saving time and creating new valuable content. Example: for my recent PROLIFIC Productivity & Creativity Program, I hired Janette Mowry to transcribe all 22 audios which made up the PDF transcript to the [Read More…]

Why Leaders Must Be Readers & How to Find the Time

Recently, I interviewed Dave Frederick from Leaders Book Summaries on the topic of why leaders must be readers. Enjoy and share it. Frank: You’ve been involved in providing summaries of top leadership books for several years now. Why do you do it? Why do you think it’s so important for leaders to read? Dave: Every [Read More…]

Galatians Commentary by Richard N. Longenecker

Richard N. Longenecker is one of my favorite New Testament scholars. His Galatians commentary is regarded as a classic in the field. I personally found the commentary both helpful and a delight to read. Longenecker’s introduction to Galatians is highly detailed, weighing into the various debates over Galatians. Like myself, he holds to the South [Read More…]