Newsweek’s Recent Attack on the Bible Receives Another Blow

My new set of books, THE RETHINKING SERIES, is on Early Bird Discount until January 26th. On January 6th, Ben Witherington graciously accepted my request to write a response to Newsweek’s recent attack on the reliability of Scripture. You can read the response here along with my introductory comments. It was published on this blog [Read More...]

It’s Time for You to RETHINK!

For those of you who downloaded my Writing Breakthrough Seminar, I hope you’ve finding each session valuable. That said, I’m super excited! After many months of tirelessly working on it, my Rethinking Series is finally here and available! And my new bonus book – Practical Help for Christian Communities – is included in the series. The series contains each book in PDF, [Read More...]

Leaders Are Readers

As I’ve argued before, leadership is influence. Everyone influences, so everyone leads in some degree and in some sphere. But how powerful of an impact you make as a leader/influencer is based on many factors, and one of them is how much you read. On that topic, here’s a guest post by Dave Frederick with a gift for [Read More...]

Sitting is the New Smoking & 5 Health Benefits to Standing While Working

John Wesley

Over the weekend, I spent some time with a fellow author and friend. In the course of our conversation, he asked me about my writing process. I went into some of it (I go into it in far more detail here), and then we got into the fact that I try to do most of [Read More...]