The Anabaptists – The Untold Story

The Anabaptists were part of the Radical Reformation. As such, they are some of the people on whose shoulders I stand. They stood outside the organized church of their day, but paid a bloody price for it. Literally. The dedication I wrote in Pagan Christianity is written to them as well as to those who came [Read More…]

George Barna & The Shape of the Church to Come

Here are two interviews that George Barna and I did together on the present revolution and the shape of the church to come: Audio Interview with George Barna and Frank Viola (short) Audio Interview with George Barna and Frank Viola (long) [Read more…]

Fighting Against God

Paul of Tarsus was a disciple of Gamaliel, the famed Jewish rabbi. This story in Acts 5, following the divine judgment enacted upon Ananias and Sapphira, has always been both chilling and instructive to me.  It says, Peter and the other apostles replied: “We must obey God rather than human beings! The God of our [Read More…]

Rejected in All Quarters But One

From the Lips of Lazarus . . . It’s been more than thirty years since I met Him. The day He first entered our home is etched in my mind forever. I shall never forswear those memories. My sisters, Mary and Martha, are no longer with us. Neither is my father, Simon, whom Jesus healed of leprosy. [Read More…]