Read This Before You Drop the H-Bomb (“Heretic”) on a Fellow Christian  

I wrote the following article about how Christians misuse the word “heretic” and “heresy” with my friend, Greg Boyd. – “Heretic.” It’s a favorite word that many Christians have no problem dropping on the heads of their fellow sisters and brothers. In common parlance, the term is used to describe any person who disagrees with “orthodox [Read More...]

23 Hours Left & a Preview of This Week’s Blog Posts

I rarely post on a Saturday, but I wanted to write today because some of you missed out on my recent free book offer. As you know, I gave away my best book to date, God’s Favorite Place on Earth, for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, some of you don’t read my blog posts on the day when they [Read More...]

Two Kinds of Leaders

The 112th episode of the “Christ is All” podcast has just been published. It’s called “Two Kinds of Leaders.” Be sure to subscribe in iTunes or Beyond Pod below. Listen to the episode in the following venues: iTunes Subscribe (for Apple devices)   Beyond Pod (for non-Apple devices)   If you don’t use a smart [Read More...]

What Surprised Me About My Calling

My friend Jeff Goins recently interviewed me for his new eBook – which happens to be FREE right now – on the surprises of success. Here’s my full answer to Jeff’s question. An excerpt is included in Jeff’s new book. Jeff Goins: What’s one surprising lesson you’ve learned about finding your calling? Frank Viola: In [Read More...]