Bono on Jesus: My Personal Reflections

In the 78th episode of my podcast, I share my reflections on Bono’s statements about Jesus that I posted on the blog recently. If you’re new to the podcast, be prepared to hear a few “commercials” sprinkled into the episode (we have to keep our sponsors happy, you know . . . Cough). The podcast [Read More…]

Agree With Your Adversaries

Shortly after Pagan Christianity released, a friend of mine (who is brilliant) created a video response to the many straw-man/misleading reviews that were circulating about the book. Jesus taught us to agree with our adversaries (Matt 5:25). So the video is quite Scriptural. I still find it interesting that some people continue to write misleading [Read More…]

A Unique and Amazing Look at Jesus Christ

B&H publishers sent me a copy of their new book, Jesus, In His Own Words, authored by the renowned Greek scholar Robert Mounce. The book is incredible. First, it weaves all four gospels together to create one unified narrative in chronological order. So you are reading all four gospels as one story in its historical [Read More…]

The Anabaptists – The Untold Story

The Anabaptists were part of the Radical Reformation. As such, they are some of the people on whose shoulders I stand. They stood outside the organized church of their day, but paid a bloody price for it. Literally. The dedication I wrote in Pagan Christianity is written to them as well as to those who came [Read More…]