Beyond Today’s Pop-Soap-Opera Christianity – The 4 Camps of Christians in Their 20s, 30s, and 40s

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The Problem with Christianity & My Discipleship Course is Now a Physical Product

In Paul’s day, there were two enemies of the gospel that he constantly battled. 1. The gospel of legalism – this is essentially the message that says, “God is holy, you’re not, try harder.” Paul took dead aim at this “gospel” in Galatians and other letters. 2. The gospel of libertinism – this essentially says [Read More...]

Where Will Power Fails

Will power . . . the power of your own human energy to carry out decisions, even when rightly motivated, is like a rubber band. A rubber band has strength, but it’s limited. Once stretched to its capacity, it bounces back. Will power is the same way. It will carry you through initially, but then it [Read More...]

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