Getting Real: An Interview with Gretchen Carlson

If you watch cable news, you’re no doubt familiar with Gretchen Carlson. Gretchen has just released a new book called Getting Real which contains her life story. I caught up with Gretchen recently to discuss her new book. Enjoy and grab a copy! In your book, you give people an inside peek behind the TV personality. [Read More...]

The Perfect Song for the Trump vs. Bush vs. Clinton Drama

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The USA Presidential Campaign & Your Innovative Selection

Every time it’s campaign season, I become an avid TV viewer. For me, the drama is better than most television shows. It includes excitement, surprise, comedy, shock, and the best features of a thriller. And to balance out the perspectives and biases, I flip through CNN, FOX, MSNBC to the Sunday news programs on CBS, [Read More...]

Why You Should Read More Books & How You Can Do So Quickly

Most of you are influencers of some sort. Many are pastors, teachers, authors, bloggers, professors, and people who are involved in some kind of ministry. (So says this year’s blog survey,) Recently, I caught up with Dave Frederick – a Vineyard pastor and President of Leaders Book Summaries – to ask him about why it’s critical for those [Read More...]