Living on Hope While Living in Babylon

Today I interview Tripp York on his controversial book Living on Hope While Living in Babylon. You’ll see that Tripp likes to upset the apple cart. For those of you who are new in the Patheos cyberplasm, like all of my author interviews, this interview is not an endorsement of everything Tripp has written. If [Read More…]

Obsession & God Acting in Judgment

If God has anointed you with a significant ministry, at some point in your life, you will have someone who is obsessed with destroying your life and your work. The testimony of church history witnesses to this. Some in the religious establishment were consumed with killing Jesus, and they eventually did. Paul of Tarsus had [Read More…]


You’ll never cure lukewarmness by guilting people into being hot. You must give them a stunning revelation of Christ. [Read more…]

The Top 5 Books on Ministry

These are my top five picks on the subject of ministry. All are classics in their own right. I suspect that most contemporary Christians who are immersed in “pop-Christianity” today have never heard of them. I’m hoping that this post will change that for many. 1. What Shall This Man Do? 2. The School of Christ 3. The [Read More…]