An Invitation to be Part of My TWITTER Team

I’m getting ready to put together a new Twitter team. Here’s what I mean. If you use Twitter, you know that roughly 2% of your Twitter followers see your updates. Sometimes less. This is disheartening to those of us who wish to reach people with important messages. Unless you’re Donald Trump, Twitter is pretty ineffective, [Read More…]

A Brilliant New Commentary on Romans

Earlier this year (2016), Richard Longenecker published his long-anticipated commentary on Romans. The Epistle to the Romans (New International Greek Testament Commentary) The commentary is a titanic coming in at 1,140 pages total. His primary interlockers are C.K. Barret, C.E.B Cranfield, James D. G. Dunn, Joseph A. Fitzmyer, Robert Jewett, Ernst Käsemann, Douglas J. Moo, [Read More…]

An Insightful Quote on Spiritual Warfare

Here’s an incisive insight by the late Leanna Payne: “Often the enemy will take advantage of opposition that arises within the most intimate circles–our close relatives or friends in the body of Christ–to stir up the most heartrending kind of spiritual warfare. This especially occurs when a groundbreaking ministry is at stake. There will always [Read More…]

10 Practical Ways To Help The Poor And Aid Those In Need & Why We Should Even Care

The following is a guest post written by Daniel Passini. Enjoy! — Giving is one of the hallmark signatures of any follower of Jesus. Well, at least it should be. Too many times though we wait for a program, an organization, or a drive of some sort to move into action. Why not get to [Read More…]