Living in Christ’s Presence

I wish I had known Dallas Willard when he was alive. I believe we would have become good friends, as we have so much in common. Willard’s book Living Christ’s Presence is adapted from the talks given at the February 2013 Dallas Willard Center “Knowing Christ Today” conference in Santa Barbara, California. John Ortberg, who [Read More…]

Knowing the Plan or Meeting the Person?

The following is from Watchman Nee: “Men rejected Christ, not on the ground of what he did but on who he was, and they are invited to believe in what he is and who he is, and not, first of all, in what he has done. ‘He who hath the Son hath life.’ The appreciation [Read More…]

Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible

One of the most valuable books on the Bible is Alleged Discrepancies of the Bible by John Haley.   The book is so helpful that I included it in my Best 100 Christian Books Ever Written list. This is a remarkable book. It shows, clearly, that virtually every alleged contradiction in Scripture is not a [Read More…]

Drew Marshall Interview

Here’s my first interview with Drew Marshall some 8 years ago. Time flies. We discuss the pagan origins of many of our Protestant church practices. Warning: It’s not for the faint in heart. [Read more…]