My 2014 Hero: Craig Keener

Patheos asked the evangelical bloggers to name our hero for 2014. I’ve selected the renowned New Testament scholar Craig Keener. To my mind, Keener is the world’s foremost expert in first-century history as it relates to the New Testament documents. Keener is the editor of the best-selling IVP Bible Background Commentary of the New Testament [Read More...]

An Invitation to Binge!


A quick reminder that my books Jesus Now and From Eternity to Here are deeply discounted on Kindle today (via Cyber Monday). We just published the 108th episode of the Christ is All podcast. I won’t tell you what the topic is. You can find out yourself when you listen to it (I assume all [Read More...]

Mixing It Up With N.T. Wright

My favorite New Testament scholar of the 20th century was the British scholar F.F. Bruce. Bruce was a “bright and shining light” in 20th century evangelicalism. He was prolific, churning out high quality work year after year. He had the rare ability to write academic books as well as popular (accessible) books. Bruce’s specialty was [Read More...]

How to Read 30 Books in One Week

For the both of you who got hot under the collar because I interviewed the founder of Leaders Book Summaries last month (you both had an allergic reaction to the word “leaders”), I wish to remind you of three things: 1. I have NEVER been anti-leader or anti-leadership. 2. I have said repeatedly (and ad [Read More...]