It’s Not Always What It Seems

“He who answers a matter before he hears the facts – it is folly and shame to him.” ~ Proverbs 18:13 The following is one of the most powerful stories I’ve ever heard on this score. There are many valuable lessons bound up with it for every disciple of the Lord Jesus. — One afternoon, a small [Read More...]

The Words of Jesus Most Needed, But Most Ignored

As long as I’ve been a Christian, I’ve noted two spiritual pillars that are incredibly difficult to keep in mind. They are all-too easy to forget. One is to rejoice in our suffering. The other is to put ourselves in the shoes of another person whenever we’re dealing on the level of human relationships. I [Read More...]

I Haven’t Read Your Book Yet, But . . .

Dear Frank, I haven’t read your book yet, but I disagree with it completely. You make too many assumptions, your logic doesn’t follow, and you have missed the boat. Feel free to reply if you want to. Sincerely, Joe xxxxxx — Dear Joe. Thank you for your email. I disagree with it completely. If I [Read More...]

“I Just Don’t Have Time”

I hope you received last Thursday’s UNFILTERED update. Make sure you add to your address book. This helps prevent my blog posts and UNFILTERED updates from going into your spam folder. Two different audiences will be reading this post. 1) Those to whom it will be a confirmation. (Many of you who are part of [Read More...]