Easter Continues . . .

My new book The Day I Met Jesus is now in Audiobook as well as a Large Print edition. There’s also The Day I Met Jesus Master Course with 20 audio messages by Mary DeMuth and me, eight bonus eBooks, and a printed workbook. One of the inspirations of my books on biblical narrative — God’s Favorite Place on [Read More...]

Celebrating the Resurection

My new book The Day I Met Jesus is fast becoming a best-seller. Thanks to all of you who got a copy. Be sure to share a testimonial on the book website of how the book impacted you. As we approach Resurrection Sunday, here’s a song I recorded many years ago on the subject: Broken Body, [Read More...]

A Nicodemus Moment

A number of years ago I was invited to share with a group of pastors, teachers, and leaders for a two-day retreat. On the last day of the retreat, I was asked to share some snapshots of Christ-centered community from my own experience. I told the story of one such community. This body of believers [Read More...]

Two Kinds of Deliverance

In resurrection, God starts all over with a new creation. But resurrection always follows suffering and death. Herein lies an important lesson. If you make a home for the Lord Jesus Christ, hard times will come. Crisis will come. Suffering will come. Even death – in some form – will come. Suffering is worldwide and [Read More...]