5 Ways to Check Self-Righteousness in Your Heart

The story of Jesus and the “sinful woman” (as Luke describers her in Luke 7) teaches us five big lessons about self-righteousness: 1. You will never know if self-righteousness lurks in your heart until you see someone you regard as “sinful” audaciously loving Jesus. How you react to that situation will uncover what’s deep within [Read More…]

He Finishes What He Starts

We humans are procrastinators. Many of us never finish what we begin. Jesus Christ is the First and the Last (Rev. 1:7). And what He begins He always finishes (Phil 1). God began this world and He will surely bring it to an end. Jesus is Alpha and Omega (Rev. 22:13). He will in fact [Read More…]

Christ Alone

Jon Zens sent me his new book, Christ Alone, recently. The book is awesome. And extremely short (43 pages). I highly recommend it! It’s only .99 on Kindle And 6.99 in paperback [Read more…]

02B Human

It takes God to be human. His plan from the beginning was for humans to partake of His life through the Tree of Life. And to express that life, exercise the authority of that life, and then multiply that life in the visible creation. Although God lost His Purpose through the Fall of the first [Read More…]