Interview with Gary Thomas: A Different Look at Marriage

Most books that are blockbusters (huge best-sellers) in the Christian market are not books that impress me at all. In fact, most of them leave me scratching my head muttering, “why on earth did this sell so many copies!” But every now and then there’s an exception to this rule. Gary Thomas’ Sacred Marriage is [Read More...]

Are You Eating from the Right Tree?

There are two kinds of Christianity. 1. The Christian “religion.” 2. The┬áChristianity we find in the New Testament. The Christian religion is built on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The Christian religion can be studied using the same categories of thought used to study any other world religion. It can be [Read More...]

Celebrities on Jesus

These are the posts in my “On Jesus” series so far. Which one did you like the best? Who should I cover next? Bono on Jesus John Lennon on Jesus Justin Bieber on Jesus Alice Cooper on Jesus Elvis on Jesus [Read more...]

How to Know If You’re Really Making Spiritual Progress

As a subscriber of this blog, you’re clearly interested in growing in Jesus Christ. But how do you measure if you’re really growing and making spiritual progress? Let me tell you emphatically that it’s not by how much knowledge you’ve gained. Indeed, an increasing knowledge of the Lord is certainly a basis for spiritual growth. [Read More...]