An Interesting Email Exchange

This email was sent to me back in 2008. No Joke.

Dear Frank,

I haven’t read your book, Pagan Christianity? yet, but I disagree with it completely. You and George Barna make too many assumptions, your logic doesn’t follow, and you have missed the boat. Feel free to reply if you want to.


Joe xxxxxx

Here is my response to it.

Dear Joe.

Thank you for your email. I disagree with it completely. If I ever get around to reading it, I’ll explain why. :-)


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  • Valeria T


  • lily

    ha, so who is the pagan now eh? I read the book and enjoyed it. if you don’t vote and don’t read the book, you don’t have the right to comment!

  • Amanda K

    Thank you Frank!! I bought the audiobook last week, and what a BLESSING it has been!! The email exchange gave me a good chuckle!

  • John Evans

    Well said, Frank. If he can’t grant your the view the respect of at least reading your book to find out what that view IS (rather than whatever straw man of it he’s constructed), why would he expect you to give his opinion an iota more respect?

    I really don’t understand people, sometimes.

  • Jesse

    I haven’t read this post yet, but I’m positive that it is wrong.
    How dare you!

  • Jeff McLain

    I hate when people judge a book by it’s cover and never read it. I’ve read the Qu’ran a few times, it doesn’t mean I agree with it, but I know the parts that I don’t.

  • Sally Roach

    Haha!! Great response! I hope Joe was just joking with you.

  • Mike Freeman


  • David Saleeba

    This is all kinds of awesome! Funny thing for me is that I just bought “Pagan Christianity”… looking forward to reading it!