Following Up With Francis Chan & David Platt – 3 Books Every Christian Should Have in Their Library – It Will Surprise You

Not long ago, I reviewed two books that are getting major marketing promotion today.

David Platt’s Follow Me

Francis Chan’s Multiply

In those reviews, I commended both authors for the things I thought were commendable in their new volumes. But I also raised some challenging questions.

As a result of those questions, I received many responses from Christians asking me which books I recommend that unveil the Eternal Purpose of God and take a deeper look at the matter of spiritual transformation and discipleship.

This post is my answer to that question. And I hope this post spreads to all Christians, especially those in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

DeVern Fromke is one of the Christians who has had a profound influence on my life. I met Fromke in 1993 and we’ve kept in touch ever since. Devern Fromke worked with T. Austin-Sparks, the man who has had the greatest influence on my life and ministry.

Because so many of you who read this blog are in your 20s and 30s, not many of you have heard of Fromke or know his work.

Hence this post.

It concerns me greatly that I see so little emphasis or understanding today on the deeper things of God. Especially in certain movements today that are drawing many young Christians. It’s not that these movements are bad or wrong. Nor is it that God isn’t using them. I believe He is. It’s just that they are missing something essential. Critically essential.

What is lacking is . . .

  1. A groundbreaking unveiling and understanding of God’s Eternal Purpose . . . which is His grand mission. And we are not at the center of it. The Eternal Purpose is by Him, through Him, to Him, and for Him. And it’s mind-blowingly glorious.
  2. An understanding – both theological and practical – on how to live by the indwelling life of Christ individually and corporately. Without this, we are left to serve God by our own resources and good will, despite our intentions.
  3. A laser focus on the centrality and supremacy of Jesus Christ. (In most of these movements, some “cause” or theological system has trumped Jesus Himself.)

I’ve addressed these three problems in my own books, namely From Eternity to Here and Jesus Manifesto. However, like T. Austin-Sparks, DeVern Fromke has been a pioneer on restoring these elements dating back to the early 1960s.

Because I’m so passionate about getting Fromke’s work into the hands of God’s people today . . . especially Millennials and Busters (20s and 30s), but to every one else as well  . . . PTM is making his three seminar books available at a discount.

These books changed my own life as a young Christian in my 20s, so I recommend them wholeheartedly to every believer.

They are . . .

Ultimate Intention by DeVern Fromke – an incredible presentation of God’s Eternal Purpose in Christ. This book is a game-changer.

Ultimate Intention by Devern Fromke

Unto Full Stature by DeVern Fromke– a powerful and insightful work on spiritual transformation in the Christian life.

Unto Full Stature by Devern Fromke

Life’s Ultimate Privilege by DeVern Fromke  – a unique book on prayer that I’ve found tremendously helpful and inspiring.

Life's Ultimate Privilege by Devern Fromke

We have three offers:

Option 1. Order each book at only $9 a piece from this page.

Option 2. Order all 3 of DeVern Fromke’s books as a bundle for only $24 ($8.00 per book).

Option 3. Order all 3 of DeVern Fromke’s books plus my three books on the related topics: From Eternity to Here, Jesus Manifesto, and Revise Us Again for a total of $45 (a $90 value).

Here is a description of my three books for option 3.

From Eternity to Here – (From the Press Copy) Do you ever doubt God’s love for you? Do you struggle with guilt and condemnation? Do you struggle with your true identity? Do you open up your Bible and find that it’s tiresome? Are you interested to know what God’s ultimate purpose and heartbeat really is? You will probably be surprised to find out, as we’ve been mistaught about it.

Jesus Manifesto – (From the Press Copy) Has your love for Jesus waned? Has He become too familiar to you? What’s the difference between serving the Lord and having the Lord serve through you? Are you upset by the shallow state of Christianity today? Do you want your love for Christ to be so breathtaking that everything else that captures your heart is blown away? If yes, then you’ll want to read this stunning unveiling of Jesus that will reawaken your first love.

Revise Us Again – (From the Press Copy) What do you do when God doesn’t appear to fulfill His promises in your life? How do you cope with not feeling God’s presence and what do you do when He seems to have walked off the stage of your life? What is the main destroyer of Christian relationships that no one talks about and how can you avoid it? What’s the truth behind spiritual gifts? How can you be set free from religious apathy on the one hand and performance-based legalism on the other? This book on spiritual transformation offers solutions to these problems and more.

Share this post using the buttons below. DeVern Fromke’s books — and the message contained within them — are sorely needed. And they are life changing!

Here are all 3 options. Click the order button above each title. If you don’t receive an email receipt after ordering, it means you didn’t complete the order. See instructions at the bottom of this page.

Ultimate Intention – $9.00

Ultimate Intention by Devern Fromke

Unto Full Stature - $9.00

Unto Full Stature by Devern Fromke

Life’s Ultimate Privilege – $9.00

Life's Ultimate Privilege by Devern Fromke


All 3 of DeVern Fromke’s Books – $24.00

Ultimate Intention by Devern Fromke Unto Full Stature by Devern Fromke Life's Ultimate Privilege by Devern Fromke



All 3 of DeVern Fromke’s Books plus From Eternity to Here, Jesus Manifesto & Revise Us Again – $45.00

Ultimate Intention by Devern Fromke Unto Full Stature by Devern Fromke Life's Ultimate Privilege by Devern Fromke


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  • Frank Viola

    Hi Nikki. Wow. I’m going to respond to you privately.

  • Nikki

    Frank: I need some direction. Your recommendation to read Raised With Christ during a time which God was leading me to study and blog about the Cross was a confirmation of God’s leading. I have not ordered the book yet because I have been going through a rough spot with my cancer therapy. I just found the recommendations for DeVern Fromke’s books and it looks like the first one would also speak deeply on the Cross. And then of course there are your books which I would love to read as well (I just purchased Revise Us Again on Kindle). I need to know where to begin because I have limitations on my ability to think and process (remember), my energy to devote, and ability to purchase (cancer is expensive). I am also considering getting your books on Audio.

    I have realized that I am in way over my head in trying to explain Salvation, but at the same time I know with all my heart God is trying to show me something critical. Which book should I read first? I mostly only read the Bible because I have such a hard time processing things mentally (anything except scripture and commentaries). On the subject of the cross, the commentaries are just too intricate for me to piece this all together.

    I have only recently come out of the Word to begin reading your blog again because God has been busy doing a deep work in me. Honestly, I have pretty much decided that I want someone else to write my page on Salvation because I get so many people from all over the world and the information is just too important for me to not get it right. But I sure don’t want to miss out on what God is trying to teaching me.

    Sorry this is so long but I don’t know how else to reach you. I tried emailing you before and I must have done something wrong.

    Thank you for all you do!

  • Frank Viola

    Exactly. There’s a price to pay for being accessible and opening oneself up to others who are “outside” one’s normal stream or “movement.” But it seems to me that this is the Lord’s way. Thanks again and have a great weekend.

  • Frank

    Thank you for your response. I admit I’m a novice, only beginning to dig into many of these subjects myself. I’m adding Fromke to my reading list, which seems to be growing by the day. And my only interaction with Chan and Platt has been through the forums that have hosted them (Verge, namely). I’m not necessarily upset they haven’t personally replied, but I would love to see the dialogue happen. We all bring our religious baggage with us wherever we go and the only remedy is to seek input from as many godly men and women we are able to. Otherwise we just perpetuate the same misconceptions and misperceptions. And when one becomes a ‘Christian celebrity” it is a risk to surround yourself with only those who agree with you.

  • Frank Viola

    Frank: My reviews were based on what they actually wrote in those two books. It didn’t go beyond them. Platt makes clear what he believer God’s purpose to be in his volume and I took issue with it and stated why. Did you follow all the other links on those two posts and hear the audios that were linked? I think it will give you a better picture of where the differences really are.

    Here’s a follow up that you should read as well: – note that the reviews weren’t making any judgments on the men themselves nor were they responding to anything outside those two books. To date, neither men have responded to the reviews (which has upset quite a few of my readers – I’ve not posted their emails to me). Anywho, I believe dialogue among those who labor for the Lord in our time is essential today. Without it, we can’t see beyond our blind-spots and our ministries will only become echo-chambers. That’s why I’ve befriended the people I’ve interviewed and done projects with several other authors who are outside my “stream.” I’d be happy to sit down with either or both of these brothers. I have already offered to send Chan my books on these subjects in my review, but he’s not responded to date. Given what you wrote to me, I assume you’ve reached out to both of them also and asked them to read my books on the Eternal Purpose. So time will tell. It takes two to dialogue. :-) Have a blessed weekend.

    p.s. I dig your name. ;-)

  • Frank

    Frank, I was watching both Chan and Platt at the Verge Conference this morning and thought of you :)

    I would encourage you to read Chan’s Crazy Love and listen to Platt’s preaching to get a better feel for what the two are about. That may not entirely lesson your concerns, but I think it would help understand where both are coming from in these books. I don’t disagree with you- especially regarding hints of the shepherding movement in Multiply- but do think there’s more to them than just what is presented in their books.

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