Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth: Realizing the Good Life Now is a new book by Chris Seidman and Joshua Graves.

Heaven on Earth: Realizing the Good Life Now  -<br /><br /><br /> By: Chris Seidman, Joshua Graves</p><br /><br /> <p>

You’ll find the title to be familiar, as many books have used it. Nevertheless, it’s a great title and titles don’t have patents.

I also like the fact that it was co-written, something I love to do myself (co-writing) and that I encourage other authors to do.

The book is a quick and easy read. The main point is that Jesus’ promise of heaven doesn’t just apply to the afterlife. But we can experience a taste of heaven on earth now.

The authors focus mostly on the beatitudes, dedicating a chapter to each beatitude. They use the language of the “good life” to describe a life of God’s action and performance rather than a life of our own action and performance. An emphasis I speak about often. The “good life” isn’t about homes, cars, fame, and “stuff,” the authors argue.

As I was reading the book, I was trying to imagine the audience that would benefit most from it.

Today there are multitudes of Christians who go to church and still think — despite the volumes of books, blogs, articles, audios, messages, and podcasts to the contrary — that the name of the game is being “successful” in this life and going to heaven when you die.

Many of these people are still on milk. Few of them read Christian books, unless they are “Christian fiction.”

I think Heaven on Earth: Realizing the Good Life Now is perfectly suited for such people: short, easy to read, lots of stories, basic and elementary on the idea that God’s will can be experienced now “on earth as it is in heaven.” That the good life isn’t about earthly possessions, etc.

So if you know people like I’ve described, this is a great introduction to a very deep, grand, and high subject. A follow up to the subject – something more on the “meat” side of the Word – would be some of the books featured on this list.

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