Do You Work From Home?

I’d like to hear from those of you who work from home. If you work from home, what do you do exactly? Do you work for someone else or do you have your own business? (This is also a chance to promote your home-based business.)

Tell us about it . . .

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  • Joe Cox

    Hey Frank,

    I have occasionally tried to work from home but not with much success. Truth is I love what I do and have been doing it a long time. Having said that, when I go home it is my sanctuary. I love time with my family and try to “leave it at the door” before I go inside. God has blessed me with a marriage and family that embraces what I do. I believe that is partly due to my vocation is not in their faces all the time.

    I have found several discreet coffee shops around town that have become safe places for me to get productive or to be contemplative.

  • http://www.sharpplm.com Scott Josephson

    I quit my corporate job last summer (2012) and changed from Mechanical Engineer to work on my business. I started SharpPLM (document/quality management for small/med manufacturing companies) 2 years ago, and am now working on that as well as contracting. I love being able to see my wife and kids throughout the day. We look forward to long-term travel, possibly living overseas and figuring out how to integrate BAM/faith into the business world. Never boring!

  • http://www.actuating.com Wes Coddington

    Eradicating Mediocrity

    My wife and I felt God calling our family to the West Coast (SoCal, US) from Philadelphia area. It was confirmed through the Body of believers and prayer together. Left in July 2012. Crossed the country with family in tow, and with no home to go to and no job waiting. Left full-time employment to do whatever God was calling us to out here. Incorporated and am working from home. Contracting with same company that I was with full-time, but mostly trying to start something new.

    I contract with TAI Inc. (www.taiinc.com) a leadership development company.
    I started Actuating Inc. (www.actuating.com). To actuate is to cause action or to put into motion. I have always been entrepreneurial and want to help others, especially believers, activate God’s purpose in their life. I adopted the tag line “Eradicating Mediocrity” as a means to express this idea. Most people are on the planet just surviving. They often don’t consider or know for what purpose God put them here. I want to help people discover their unique purpose and help them make it a reality.

    If you have any ideas for me, or just want to talk, email me. I am waiting on the Lord for further direction and just trying to be faithful with each day in the meantime.

    PS – The Actuating website is just a place holder for now. Not much there. Got any ideas for me?

  • http://www.henrystewart.org Henry Stewart

    Hello, I’m Henry Stewart. I make my living working in a office two days a week and two more at home designing microchips. I’m only working 32 hours a week because at the first of the year the company had a major layoff cut everyone’s hours.

    I’m also an author – my first book, “Good Faith Hunting: How Baby Boomers Help Recapture a Biblical View of Journey” was just released by Wipf & Stock, https://wipfandstock.com/store/Good_Faith_Hunting_How_Baby_Boomers_Help_Recapture_a_Biblical_View_of_Faith You’ll see it on Amazon beforevery long. It’s been endorsed by Len Sweet, Todd Hunter, John C. O’Keefe, and Donna K. Wallace. Hopefully I’ll be able to write more now that I have more time available.

    My blog’s at http://www.henrystewart.org It’s still very basic and I’m planning a lot more in the future. I’m also available for speaking & seminar engagements, particularly in the Phoenix/Tucson, Arizona area. You can contact me via e-mail, henry@henrystewart.org

    I like working from home since I find that I usually get much more done that at an office.

  • http://OurChurch.Com @PaulSteinbrueck

    I’ve worked from home since June of 2000 when I quit my previous job to lead http://OurChurch.Com full-time. We help Christian churches, schools, ministries and businesses achieve their God-given mission. We do that both by providing services needed for better online communication (web design, hosting, search marketing) and by helping folks understand the why’s & how’s of better communiation through our Christian Web Trends blog http://blog.ourchurch.com

    I lead a team of employees and contractors who all work from their own home offices. I think being able to work from home (plus relatively flexible schedules) has enabled all of us to be more engaged in the lives of our spouses, children and churches.

    Frank, this is post is kind of off-topic for you, so I’m curious as to the purpose behind it?

  • Michael

    Hi we are Michael and Dawn Stevens, we have just started working from home. Michael has been doing static signage for the last 12 years, but always for someone else. Last year we got some inheritance money and he used that to change his career path. He now focuses on designing, does web designs and designs business logos, cards, pamphlets, corporate images and still some static signage. Basically whatever comes in. Dawn on the other hand homeschools their four daughters and is in the beginning stage of starting an online educational development childcare training course .

  • http://www.captioncall.com Tim Wilkins

    I work from home as an Outreach Specialist (manager) for the CaptionCall, the captioning telephone company. I install phones for people who have a hearing loss that provides captions of the other person’s conversation (like captioning on TV) so that the person with a hearing loss can use a telephone again to communicate with family, friends and co-workers. The phone and the service is free (thanks to the FCC and the Universal Access Service Fund on everyone’s telephone bill). We (the trainers) come to the person’s home or place of business and install the phone for them. teach them how to get the most out of the phone and then provide ongoing support and service for the phone for the customer after the phone is installed. The captioning service is also free and adds no extra charges to the person’s phone bill.

    I was a customer first then became an employee because the phone is so amazing. You have to have high speed internet connection and a landline telephone service to use the phone. You also have to have a medically recognized hearing loss to qualify. If you want to learn more, go to http://www.captioncall.com to read about the phone, watch a video and sign up to receive a phone. Who knows? This may be the beginning of using the phone for you!

  • http://jenniferajanes.com Jennifer Janes

    I blog at http://jenniferajanes.com That venture is starting to bring in a little bit of income, and all I’m doing is sharing products my family uses and loves, as well as writing about our homeschooling journey and the experiences of raising a child with special needs.

    I am also an AVON Independent Sales Representative. My online store is: http://www.youravon.com/jenniferajanes

    Working from home while raising two kids, homeschooling them, and keeping up with my younger daughter’s specialist and therapy appointments is difficult. I’m thankful for the flexible hours and ability to supplement my husband’s income at least a little!

  • René

    My wife and I have a business, she’s language teaching, translating, I’m building websites with Drupal and do hosting. My part is run from our rented flat. Hilde works subcontracted to language schools. The business has no building.

  • http://faithfulstewards.wordpress.com Kyria Baker
  • http://faithfulstewards.wordpress.com Kyria Baker

    My husband still works for a major corporation in the agriculture industry, but we have several things going that we hope will enable him to come home to work. We sell liquid, organic fertilizer (www.watsonrancorganic.com), we own a portable sawmill, I craft & sew (http://www.etsy.com/shop/LadyKyria), but mostly that just supports my habit right now. ;-)

    Also, my son cuts and sells firewood, and he’s studying to be a gunsmith; and my daughter sells beautiful hair jewelry (www.lillarose.biz/bramblerose). They are 18yo and 16yo.

    Not only that, but we sing gospel bluegrass music as a family, and the kids are starting a new band with some like-minded friends singing a variety of country/bluegrass/western music – all family friendly. Life is busy around here!

  • Daniel

    My wife and I, when we decided to bring her home full time b/c we couldn’t afford daycare for two kids, began our journey looking for way(s) to generate income working from home. Our pursuit led us to eventually partner with a health sciences company that provides premium nutritional products that everyone needs. Just to be clear, it is a health sciences company that has been utilizing the “direct sales” or “network marketing” model to distribute their products for 20 years.

    What do we do? We educate people about the effects of oxidation and free radicals (the only thing for free we don’t want :)), and then we share our top rated products that can help.

    In short; we take the products, we share the products with others looking to enhance their health (or embrace a preventative health lifestyle), and we teach others to do the same.

    Thank you for letting us share. Have a great day!


  • http://multiplyjustice.net Mark Kelly

    I am a journalist. I work for Baptist Global Response (www.gobgr.org), a Christian international relief and development organization, creating content for their website and social media venues and coordinating media teams that do on-site reporting of humanitarian projects worldwide. I also lead Multiply Justice (www.multiplyjustice.net), a web-based initiative that promotes awareness and engagement of justice issues from a biblical perspective, and coordinate promotion of the World Hunger Fund (www.worldhungerfund.com), a network of Southern Baptist churches and organizations that facilitate “dollar in, dollar out” contributions to humanitarian work globally.

  • http://www.thesharing.org J Rock

    Do I work from home? With three children it is more like I try to work from home.

    First, our family are local missionaries with The Sharing Org (www.thesharing.org). This is the majority of my responsibility and my time (30 hours/week). Then I have been doing books and accounting work for smaller businesses. (Another 10 hours a week). Then I roast and then sell coffee as a subsidiary to the ministry (www.anchorbayroasts.com). (15 – 20 hours a week).

    Working from my home office is more like an adventure as I am the gate-keeper of the office supplies. For if I don’t manage them there will be a new taped, stapled, glued, rubber-banned, and/or paper-clipped creature in my home each and every day. Since my kids are home-schooled and we live in a double-wide trailer we spend everyday stumbling over one another and someone is always threatening to sell someone else on eBay.

    However, with all the challenges that working from home presents, my wife and I cannot imagine that it could possibly be better any other way than this. We are certainly blessed and expect that all this together time is developing our family into a strong family unit.

  • http://tonigatlin.com Toni Gatlin

    I’ve experienced working from home in two instances. The first was a year that I telecommuted as a recruiter and did all my work by phone and computer, supporting two offices, each more than 300 miles from my home. The flexibility of the industry allowed me to relocate and take my job with me, and I consider it a real gift from the Lord, as we would have had a difficult time getting established if I’d had to find a new job in an unfamiliar city. I worked from home for a year until I realized I needed more interaction with people :-) and got a similar job working in the office of a local staffing company.

    Fast forward several years and I am at home again, this time self-employed. I am taking 9 hours of college classes and also responsible for two small (micro?!) businesses. Through Miss Merryheart Designs, I provide handmade aprons that get people excited about being in the kitchen; I spend a lot of time in front of my trusty sewing machine. My other business is almost ready for launch, probably going live by the end of the month: Miss Red Pen Document Services provides proofreading, editing, and resume preparation. This business is building off my years in the staffing industry as well as my life-long love of words.