I Want to Put Your Name In My New Book

To those who have subscribed to this blog via RSS or Email, I want to thank you again for being a loyal subscriber. Right now, my upcoming book When the Pages Are Blank: How to Bring the Bible Back to Life is being proof-read and edited.

I have many more posts in the queue that I’m excited about, some of them include:

* interviews with other authors (I am interviewing Margaret Feinberg tomorrow. Other interviews are planned for Ann Voskamp, Andrew Jones, Dr. Michael Brown, Rachel Held Evans, Phil Cooke, Adrian Warnock, and others.)

* posts that challenge atheists and agnostics.

* posts that challenge mainstream Christian thinking.

* posts on the deeper Christian life.

* some high-octane controversial posts that I’m keeping under wraps until they’re published.

But that’s not all . . . I want to put your name in my new book!

In the book, I will be writing a dedication page to everyone who has subscribed to this blog and who has helped spread the word about the book. So share this post with your friends and then go to the comments section and put your first name, last name, and where you live. And it will appear in the book. For example:

Marvin Snurdly from Blakely, Georgia

That’s it.

Thank you again!

UPDATE: As of December 21st, comments have been turned off because the book is being formatted for publication.

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