Hobby Lobby: The Left Is Weeping Hot, Bitter Tears, and It Should

Andrew’s and Molly’s post reflecting the hysterical reaction on the Left to the Hobby Lobby decision makes for both entertaining and instructive reading.

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New Novel for Young Guys and Girls: “Snap Decision” by Nathan Whitaker (Giveway!)

Chase Clark is just an average eighth grader, until he earns a spot on his high school varsity football team.

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Who’s Poorer? Hillary or Joe? Electing Our “Hobo-In-Chief”

Jon Stewart believes it’s time for a good ole fashioned “Poor Off!” [Read more...]

The IRS Keeps Documents for “6 Months” But Expects Us to Live Like Hoarders?

Jon Stewart gives the IRS too much credit…  but he does make some good points in the below. [Read more...]

The Most Epic NPR Interview Ever — Terry Gross Versus Gene Simmons

Last year, the kids and I began listening to NPR’s Fresh Air, with Terry Gross every day on the way to school. [Read more...]