7 deadly deceptions from Obama’s mosque speech

Dennis Prager, on National Review, had a fascinating piece that talked about what the President actually said at the mosque, compared to the press reports of what he purportedly said.  Here are seven deceptions that came from the President’s mouth. [Read more...]

Photo of a woman at a campaign stop sums up how most of us feel about this election season

I love the expression on this woman’s face.  She was just trying to eat some scrambled eggs and toast, when the chaos of the 2016 Presidential campaign surrounded her. [Read more...]

Beyonce lies, insults police & celebrates violence with black panther Super Bowl routine

People were gathered all over the nation yesterday to see the Super Bowl — and the fun commercials.  What better time to inject some serious politics into the national conversation!  Beyonce did just that, during her “Black Panther” inspired halftime show. [Read more...]

Pro-Abortion Group Slams Super Bowl Commercial for Using “Antichoice Tactic” — Wait Until You See What It Is

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 8.51.53 PM

Every year, Doritos has a contest for people to make Super Bowl commercials. This year’s winner involved a father eating Doritos at his child’s ultrasound.

The child moves around chasing after the Doritos and it’s implied the baby escapes early to get the Doritos.

No one watching the commercial thought it was making any sort of political statement. It was a funny take to show that even young unborn babies want Doritos.

But the pro-abortion lobby is willing to ruin anything, including funny commercials apparently.

After the commercial aired, the pro-abortion group NARAL tweeted:

Wait… what?!?!? Someone tell NARAL’s intern to come back down to reality and chill out.  Heaven forbid that a mainstream company make an unborn baby with a head, fingers, toes, beating heart, and unique DNA act like a… gasp… HUMAN?!?!  See the commercial for yourself!

I love this response on Twitter:

Commenting on another Doritos commercial that aired later in the game which featured cute puppies, Senator Ben Sasse tweeted:

And apparently the NARAL chapter in Ohio doesn’t like born babies either.  In response to the cute NFL ads featuring “Super Bowl Babies” conceived after Super Bowl victories, they tweeted the following:

I can’t even imagine how they denigrate human life so cavalierly without repercussion.
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Is Football Immoral? Reflections on the Superbowl in an Age of Political Correctness

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