VIDEO: Saturday Night Live Skewers Isolated, Demoralized Liberals


Saturday Night Live has had some great material during the 2016 campaign cycle.  However, once Donald Trump was elected, they seemed to lose their sense of humor.  (“Hillary Clinton,” played by Kate McKinnon performed Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” while un-ironically mourning.)

This weekend, they imagined a place for distraught liberals to live, in a literal bubble where “life can continue for progressive Americans just as before.” Before the election of Donald Trump, of course. [Read more…]

VIDEO: Mike Pence goes to Hamilton, gets booed by crowd and lectured by cast

Well, the well-known pattern of Hamilton fans booing people with whom they disagree continued this week when Vice President-elect Mike Pence experienced a very chilly reception. First, the crowd booed when he walked in: [Read more…]

Kanye West gives hour pro-Trump speech at his concert; people throw shoes, boo

Kanye West is known for his mid-concert political rants that range from comparing himself to Walt Disney and Steve Jobs to saying George Bush doesn’t care about black people.  This week, however, he raised the controversy knob up to 11 when he confessed to the audience that he didn’t vote.  But if he had voted, he said, he would’ve voted for Donald Trump. [Read more…]

Portland anti-Trump rioters attack pregnant woman with a baseball bat

Heaven help us. [Read more…]

Student hails an Uber and realizes his driver is U.S. senator Ben Sasse


The Blaze has a great story. [Read more…]