How Brave Are We, Really? A Reflection on Sony Caving to North Korea


I’ve found the entire Interview cancelation fiasco deeply disturbing. It’s one story if Sony faced a vague threat and canceled the movie in a panic, a cancellation that would also have the collateral effect of perhaps appeasing the hackers and preventing the further release of damaging e-mails. But the collapse of will here was far more systematic. It wasn’t just Sony. Every major theater chain pulled out. Major online streaming services indicated they wouldn’t run it. Another studio, Paramount, canceled the small-scale screenings of an entirely separate film, Team America: World Police, a movie that’s been viewed countless times in theaters and online without incident. [Read more...]

The Top Reason to be a “Santa Truther” This Year


“I better be good this month,” my seven year old daughter said to me on the way to the grocery store. [Read more...]

Three Points About the ‘Torture Report’ and Morality


When I speak about enhanced interrogation — or indeed virtually all of our controversial tactics in the war on terror, including the drone program — I tend to begin with three moral propositions. [Read more...]

The Democrats’ ‘Torture Report’ Is a Dangerous, Partisan Mess



To read the some of the more liberal quarters of the Internet today — from the New York Timesto Andrew Sullivan’s blogto The Nation, and beyond — you would think that the United States is now a virtual criminal enterprise, run by war criminals, harboring war criminals and committing war crimes as a matter of national policy. You would think American national honor has been stained forever. And you would know that the American story told by the Left, one dominated by stories of American crimes (real and imagined), will now include a new chapter — the torture era.

And that leftist story will be partisan, ideological nonsense. [Read more...]

“F Words” for Feminism: Liberals Make Children Curse, Talk about Rape



This is classy. [Read more...]