The Left Falls for a Revealing Poverty Hoax

If you pay any attention to coverage or discussion of poverty issues, you’ve likely read or heard about this post by a woman named Linda Walther Tirado. [Read more...]

Is it “Shameful” to be a “Slut?”

Now that women have become CEOs of major companies, have become a dominant force in higher education, and have been on the Presidential tickets of both political parties, feminists have set their aim on the last great frontier: the ability to look and act like a slut with impunity.  [Read more...]

The Difference Between a Hand-out and a Leg Up

My post yesterday on dependency triggered an interesting discussion in the comments, and I wanted to follow up on a point I made near the end of the post — regarding the imperative of personal mentoring to help kids and families escape poverty. [Read more...]

Should We Encourage Our Daughters to be “Princesses?”

Have you seen the Disney “I am a Princess” video? [Read more...]

Pull Back From Politics? Evangelicals Aren’t Engaged Enough

So we appear to be going through one of the periodic cycles where liberals tell Evangelicals, “We’d like you more if you disagreed with us less.”  You see, the main barrier between Evangelicals and the culture is our obsession with politics –how we allegedly focus on abortion and same-sex marriage to the exclusion of loving people and sharing the Gospel.  Focus on serving the poor and caring for your fellow man, then we’ll rebuild all the cultural respect you’ve squandered in the midst of the hateful and divisive “culture wars.”

So goes the argument, anyway. [Read more...]