To Those Pundits Taking Their Iraq ‘Victory Laps’

It’s become a trend for lefty pundits to express their disgust when supporters of Operation Iraqi Freedom offer their opinions about the reasons for the present crisis in Iraq. [Read more...]

Natural Hair: Let Black People Just Be Themselves

On our most recent “hair day,” after washing, before braiding.

You’ve probably heard what people have said about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter.  Now, the “hair police” are turning against Beyonce and Jay Z. [Read more...]

Hidden Security Camera Footage Captures IRS IT Working on Lois Lerner’s Computer

When will the IRS learn that cameras are everywhere? When will they learn they can’t hide their incompetence forever? [Read more...]

No Wonder the IRS Is ‘Losing’ E-mails: It Was Trying to Throw Innocent Conservatives in Jail


Even a small child can connect these dots. [Read more...]

New Study: “Cool Kids” Do Not End Up As Functioning Adults

When I was in junior high, I lived in in awe of the kids at school that seemed to know more about life than the rest of us.  [Read more...]