Hillary: Bill will help me at the White House (because that’s SO women’s lib)

Hillary Clinton is the “I am woman, hear me roar” type of feminist and isn’t afraid to show it. [Read more…]

Charlie Peacock’s new single is about swindling, trusting, fighting and “things not too terrible to tell”


Charlie Peacock is one of those rare musicians who’s relevance has only increased over the past few decades.  Billboard’s Encyclopedia of Record Producers named him “one the 500 most important producers in music history, and for a good reason: he’s played a role in the careers of hit-making artists such as Amy Grant, Switchfoot, and The Civil Wars. In fact, Charlie earned Grammys for Best Folk Album and Country Duo Performance (twice) thanks to his work with the Civil Wars.” [Read more…]

Feminist Camille Paglia: why “pro-choice” is a “cowardly euphemism”

Famed feminist Camille Paglia recently took to the pages of Salon to attack her fellow feminists for having it all wrong about abortion, defending pro-life advocates in the process.

Let there be no doubt – Paglia is pro-abortion and proudly so. But she’s had enough with many of her peers. [Read more…]

Dave Ramsey offers hope on the trendy Bernie socialism: why America is going to be ok anyway

Millennials love socialism — all that free stuff, like free college and free health care, until they realize they have to pay for it. That’s when their devotion fades. [Read more…]

Tennessee Enacts Law Allowing Guns on College Campuses

Time and time again, we have seen college campuses under siege from insane gunmen whose aim is to commit mass murder.  And in most states, students and professors are powerless to protect themselves because they are not allowed to bring guns on campus. [Read more…]