No Wonder the IRS Is ‘Losing’ E-mails: It Was Trying to Throw Innocent Conservatives in Jail


Even a small child can connect these dots. [Read more...]

New Study: “Cool Kids” Do Not End Up As Functioning Adults

When I was in junior high, I lived in in awe of the kids at school that seemed to know more about life than the rest of us.  [Read more...]

Bitter New Trend: “Divorce Cakes”

“Let them eat cake,” Marie Antoinette may have mockingly said upon hearing that the French peasants had no bread to eat. Recently divorced couples seem to have taken her cue.  During what was once considered a dark hour, people are now throwing divorce parties, complete with what they are now calling “freedom cakes.”  [Read more...]

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Christian Groups Kicked Off Campus Because They Want Christian Leaders

Esther Nunoo, a freshman, and Robert Gregory, a volunteer, at a Bible study at the Bowdoin Christian Fellowship, which the college will no longer recognize. Credit Katherine Taylor for The New York Times


Many years ago — early in my litigation career against campus censorship and repression — I challenged in court a policy that confidently declared, “Acts of intolerance will not be tolerated.” [Read more...]

One Week Only: God’s Double Agent E-Book – On Sale for $3.99

Take advantage of this e-book offer — God’s Double Agent, my book with Bob Fu, is on sale for only $3.99 all week! [Read more...]