Mitt Romney, an Appreciation


The “Klanning” of Social Conservatism

Cub Scouts

Another day, another act of liberal intolerance directly aimed at the First Amendment:

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Louis Zamperini’s Faith and Forgiveness: New 6 Minute Film Picks Up Where “Unbroken” Left Off

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The John Templeton Foundation, NBC Universal, and the film Unbroken have released a 6-minute film that explores what happened to Louis Zamperini after he came home, furthering and amplifying Unbroken’s themes of faith, resilience, and the power of forgiveness. [Read more...]

News Flash: Political Courage Isn’t Even Real Courage


And yet our “leaders” can’t quite seem to muster up even that level of faux backbone. The House bailed on a late-term abortion ban? Really? [Read more...]

Why We Should All Be Glad a Muslim Man Just Won His Religious-Liberty Case at the Supreme Court

Supreme Court Washington DC USA

Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of a Muslim prison inmate who wished to grow a short (1/2 inch) beard for religious reasons. The good folks at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty have won again, and it’s their second unanimous religious-liberty victory in the last three years.  [Read more...]