Forget Kaepernick: Hillary laughed when “under God” was left out of the pledge

At my daughter’s Philly public school, patriotism was as popular as a case of head lice. It taught the “values of our pluralistic democracy” instead of citizenship. Plus, the pledge of Allegiance was considered too “exclusive,” so they took out “under God.”  When my seven year old innocently said the actual, Congressionally approved version, the principal explained that mentioning God’s name was considered “hate speech” and made people feel uncomfortable.   (This happened, ironically, at “Independence Charter School” just steps away from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.)

So I was interested to see Hillary Clinton’s reaction when a supporter purposefully omitted “under God” from a reference to the Pledge of Allegiance at a campaign rally in Blackwood, New Jersey.

She laughed.

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