Trump Schools News Anchor for Calling Clinton’s Affair ‘Alleged’

In a short exchange with NBC host Savannah Guthrie, Donald Trump didn’t let a single comment slide — and good for him. [Read more…]

WaPo: Trump’s Right – Clinton’s Sexually Predatory Behavior is Fair Game

Donald Trump is going to “go there” with Hillary Clinton on the subject of her husband’s sexually predatory behavior. [Read more…]

Chick-fil-A opens on a Sunday for a very good reason

Everyone who loves Chick-fil-A is aware that the chain is never open on Sundays. (As a general rule-of-thumb, that’s exactly when your strongest Chick-fil-A craving normally hits).  This company-wide policy provides their staff the opportunity to attend church if they so choose and spend time with their families.

This week, several Chick-fil-A’s throughout Texas made a rare exception to this rule, but for a great reason! [Read more…]

Mike Huckabee Says He ‘Never Defended’ Josh Duggar After Molestation Allegations


Now that Josh Duggar has been caught in multiple lies, long time Duggar apologist Mike Huckabee says he never defended him after allegations of molestation of his sisters.  BuzzFeed has the scoop: [Read more…]

Why the Grand Jury Made a Reasonable Decision Not to Indict in the Tamir Rice Case

By now, you’ve heard that two cops fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice, a black kid who was holding a toy gun, in Cleveland.  This tragic story concluded this week when the grand jury decision not to indict, and protests are already being planned what many in the black community are saying is a miscarriage of justice. [Read more…]