High Schools Increasingly Worried about Immodest Moms

When I walked my daughter to her inner city Philadelphia school, I was astonished at the wardrobes – or lack thereof – of the parents. [Read more...]

She Got Pregnant at 42

My friend Nancy Bailey was published in Ladies Home Journal, with this touching article about how she felt when she realized she was — unexpectedly — pregnant: [Read more...]

Slate Writer Endorses Firing Pro-Choice CEOs?

One of the more amusing aspects of the Mozilla affair has been watching writers trying to justify their intolerance through the use of allegedly universally applicable norms.  [Read more...]

Company’s New Pencil Slogan Encourages Drug Use

It took a ten year old kid to realize this: [Read more...]

When Does Intolerance Work?

In the wake of the Mozilla controversy, the Duck Dynasty controversy, the Chick-fil-A boycott/buycott, and the countless examples of intolerance and intimidation against conservatives on campuses across the country, it seems rather clear that — as Michelle Goldberg notes in The Nation – there is a “growing left-wing tendency towards censoriousness and and hair-trigger offense.” [Read more...]