American Soldiers Told to Ignore Rape of Young Boys in Afghanistan

A shocking new expose was published in The New York Times this week revealing that American soldiers in Afghanistan have been directed to ignore the widespread rape of young boys that they witness while serving. [Read more…]

After Twelve Years, We Still Don’t Understand Our Enemy

In late May 2008, when I was home on mid-tour leave from Iraq, I distinctly remember a conversation with dear friends about the things I had seen in the first half of my deployment. [Read more…]

“Targeter-in-Chief” (Why the Drone Arguments Miss the Mark)

The drone image was grainy, but clear enough to make out roughly 20 military-age males lounging around in a courtyard. [Read more…]

Yes, Drone Strikes are Legal and Moral

I must confess, I’m puzzled by Christian outrage at our drone campaign — the most precise aerial bombardment in the history of warfare. [Read more…]

9/11: The Case for Controlled and Sustained Rage

Every year on the eve of 9/11, my wife and I show our older kids pictures from the day. And every year I feel a fresh sense of rage at the attack. [Read more…]