What This White Mother Did to Her Black Daughter’s Hair: Bantu Knots

It’s been a long time since I updated you guys on progress with our daughter Naomi’s hair! [Read more…]

Dear Black Women Giving Me Hair Advice about My African Daughter: Please Stop

When we adopted Naomi from Africa, the orphanage had shaved her head. At two and a half, she was practically bald and more like a baby than a a toddler, weighing a mere 14 pounds. [Read more…]

Black Hair 101

Today, I spent three hours doing Naomi’s new braids, complete with pink beads at the bottom of each strand.  (Yes, only three hours, because my 13 year old Camille is learning how to braid while I partition into nice little squares on her head!) I’m so thankful that it’s now a family affair, because it cuts my time in half.  Thanks, Camille!  Here’s what Camille did:

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