Marlon Brando from Beyond the Grave: I Was a Beast and Liar

Marlon Brando is arguably the most successful actor ever to be on the silver screen.  Though the notoriously shy actor died eleven years ago, he secretly made hundreds of hours of recordings in the weeks leading up to his death for a new movie called “Listen To Me Marlon.”  Here are some quotes from the film: [Read more…]

Dear Media, Donald Trump Does Not Care About Your Bible Gotcha Questions

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 2.13.18 PM

Quick — what’s your favorite Bible verse? If you’re like most people John 3:16 came to mind.  But if that’s your answer and you’re a Presidential candidate, you’d be skewered for being “obvious.” What IS the right answer if you’re a candidate?  [Read more…]

How My Daughter Sabotaged a Books-a-Million “Fifty Shades of Grey” Display


My fifteen year old daughter Camille was at Books-a-Million today in Spring Hill, Tennessee — yes, they still let us in — when she saw a display recommending books to read after the soft-pornographic book “After Fifty Shades of Grey.”   [Read more…]

Holly Fisher’s Bible and Gun: Two Instruments of Independence

I appreciated Charles C. W. Cooke’s post distinguishing Holly Fisher from Sherafiyah Lewthwaite, but it suffers from a fatal flaw: It uses reason and logic to rebut an internet meme about anything but. [Read more…]

Frozen’s Hidden Biblical Truth: Don’t Listen to Your Heart

A beautiful princess, the evil protagonist, melodic tunes, pretty gowns, and – yes – Prince Charming. Disney movies have always included certain staples. [Read more…]